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MGM was breached using the "Social hacking" Technique . This is a breakdown of the MGM cyberattack explained in more detail. Thank you to @realvegaslocals for reposting. 🛡️ Understanding Social Hacking: A Brief Insight for Businesses As a trusted partner in cybersecurity, Protechs IT Solutions wants to shed light on an often overlooked threat: Social Hacking. Unlike technical vulnerabilities, this exploits human behavior for unauthorized access. 🎯 Key Aspects: 1️⃣ Phishing Emails: Pose as trusted entities to extract information. 2️⃣ Pretexting: Fabricate scenarios to obtain data. 3️⃣ Tailgating: Unauthorized physical access by following authorized personnel. 💡 Protect Your Business: *Conduct regular employee training. *Implement advanced firewalls and threat monitoring protocols. *A robust Help Desk can swiftly identify and rectify issues, crucial for steady business operation especially during a recession. What do you think of this? Let me know in the comments and follow for more! #vegasisfun #mgm #cyberattack #lasvegas #vegas #vegasexperience #vegasattractions
💡 Tech Tip #2: Use strong, unique passwords for all accounts. Password manager keep track of them all. Protect your data and secure your business!
🌐 Tech Tip #1: Regularly update your software and OS systems to protect your business from new security threats. Stay safe and stay updated! 💻🔒
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