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https://www.professorstork.com/ Mad Stork Publishing

By signing up for the Family #BookClub guide, each month you will receive an email from Professor Stork that includes four #bookrecommendations . Two of the recommendations are intended for children aged 3 to 6, and two others appropriate for children aged 6 to 9. To ensure successful family readings, I will also provide, in your monthly email, a series of questions and talking points for each book, designed to be conversation-starters to engage your family and children in thought-provoking discussions.

Use the link in my bio on Instagram to join the #Family Book Club!
Have you read this #book yet? Well if you haven't read it yet now is your chance!
The Legend of the Summer Snowflake written by Professor Stork tells us a story of Cloudia and The Sky Watch Team! This is an affirming feel good story for all children to learn how we should take care of earth! Filled with beautiful images makes this book even more attractive!
The first book in SkyWatch series is now live on my website and Amazon. You can also download free coloring pages to go with it from website.

#childrenbooks #bedtimestories #savetheplanet
What happens when a mischievous boy and his furry #friend get in trouble? Find out in 'Silas, The Grue, & A Didgeridoo' - a #heartwarming tale that will captivate both #children and #parents alike.
You can order this #book on my website or Amazon. Link in bio.

#ImaginationFantasy #LearningLessons #HeartwarmingTale
Today, we are here with great news! Silas, The Grue, & A Didgeridoo is out now. 🙌
Everyone loves a
#story where a #kid turns the tables on his or her #parents in a way that is fun and respectful. This #book does that in spades. You’ll love every page of the #adventure Silas takes you on as the corner of his room becomes magical.

Stay Tuned!!!

#childrenbook #bedtimestories #adventure
Join Silas as he takes a time out session and lets his #imagination run wild!
With fun #rhymes paired with beautiful and colorful #illustrations , this is a #story that you and your #family will revisit over and over again!
Hit the link in my bio or Amazon and grab a copy of your own and let the #fun begin. 🙌

#youngreader #childrenbook #storytime
After Silas got himself in trouble, he found himself standing in the corner of the room to "mull what he did.''
Will Silas actually learn his
#lesson standing in the corner, or will he turn it into an incredible #adventure every child (and parent) will love?
Find out more by ordering Silas, The Grue, & A Didgeridoo on my website or Amazon.

#childrenbook #adventuretime #storytime #youngreader
I am so excited to present to you Silas, The Grue, & A Didgeridoo 😎

Let me tell you a little about the
#story : Silas can undoubtedly be a handful, according to his mother, but this time he went too far. With his close companion, the cat, Silas finds himself in the corner of his room, contemplating his choices... 🙄
I am delighted to announce the launch of Silas, The Grue, & A Didgeridoo will be March 16th. Stay tuned 😉

#childrenbook #storytime #youngreaders
I am so glad to hear children enjoyed my #book Jack and Penelope - Together Apart. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a 5-star review 😊
You can find this book on my website or Amazon!
Mila and Lettie shared a #purpose . They wanted to grow their #circle and they decided that the rest of the #world is anything like Jamaica where Lettie came from and the United States where Mila came from, kids from even the most distant #countries must be more alike than different.
Find out more by ordering GrowYourCircle from Professor Stork on my website or Amazon! Get yours now!
Penelope and Jack is a beautiful #story of #friendship and #hope .
While social distancing on the 147th floor of his family’s ‘above the clouds’ apartment, Jack develops a close friendship with Penelope, who lives in the building across the street. Cleverly communicating across the empty space between their balconies, Jack and Penelope launch a #friendship in the most unlikely of scenarios.
Together Apart reminds us that even in challenging times there is no stopping a child’s ingenuity and love.
You can get this #book on my website or Amazon!
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