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We hand forge kitchen knives to inspire you🔪 Primeaux.us Knoxville, TN

#squishtokforyoupage #squishtok (this knife is part of a resoration project so we needed to smash the handle off) #hydraulicpress #hydraulic
This knife set wasn't a brief affair. It includes 20 pieces of cutlery: a BBQ carving set, a cheese knife set and a set of steak knives; a magnetic knife storage board and two handmade magnetic boxes for storage! We also designed the entire set of knives to match the beautiful blue cabinets in the kitchen where they would live.
The intricate crafting of this set spanned nearly half a year, pushing us to use virtually every tool available in our workshop. It was a testament to our dedication to craftsmanship and our passion for detail.
Blue flame maple for the handle was a given - its rich hue and intricate grain echoing the luxury and elegance of the Porsche. Complementing the maple is our trademark Primeaux ferrule, seamlessly integrating the sleek lines of the car into the knife design.

But there's a feature that stands out to me, a detail that adds a personal touch. The butt pin in each knife, designed to mirror the fuel cap of the Porsche (that also includes a Tennessee Tri-Star emblem), showcases the Tennessee tri-star design, a nod to Tennessee heritage and our local Appalachian craftsmanship. All the blades feature Damasteel stainless damascus. Though this set is only the beginning, with an expansive collection on the horizon, parting with this set feels bittersweet. We're elated to have realized this vision, but it's hard to let such a masterpiece move on!! Yet, the excitement for what’s next keeps us going. Stay tuned for more from our workshop later on in October, the Damasteel Chef Invitational in November and much more in the coming month with a newsletter sale to boot!!!
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