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I can't do anything apart from Christ. #holyspirit



#webelieveunited created by Angelica with Angelica's original sound - Angelica

When things are out of our expectations we'd like God to be in charge. We ask Him to get us out of our difficult situation.

That is an easy way out.

I am also struggling in my finances and I just wish that God would help me pay off my debts, pay off my loans, pay off my bills. And I say I have faith that God would turn things around and take this yoke out and carry it for me. I was believing for a jaw-dropping, undeniable miracle where someone would just drop money on my bank account, write me a check exactly of what I need, or that somewhere somehow my debts will be cancelled miraculously. God can do that and He is willing. But it is not what He is doing.

So I question and question and complain.

I pray in tongues, declare that my money problems will just disappear or get paid off. I am thinking, well, maybe God just wants me to learn a lesson and after I learn it everything will be OK.

I even started a side-hustle and sell my work online but nothing is getting any result.

I am thinking no more bank loans to cover the current loans. I am saying I won't rely on people's help. I want God's miracle to happen. I want this to be a testimony of what God can do.

But I am now 7 days before my car payment is due and I have loans gaining interests daily and still no money to pay them all.

I do not know how or what move God will do. I am clueless.

Somewhere, someone might also be going through this situation. Maybe not in the financial area but you might feel you hit a wall.

I guess I am just saying, we start to break the wall. Let's dance and sing and worship. We go around it and declare,

God is worthy!
God is good!
God is powerful!
God is King!
God is marvelous!
God is magnificent!
God is strong!
God is limitless!
God is holy!

Sing praises, shout hallelujah! Jump with joy, clap your hands, raise them to God, kneel in faith, cry in desperation, lay it down to the Lord.

Declare in faith, the situation might not get any better and the answer to your problem might not be what you hope for and you might get disappointed OR God might bring you breakthrough. Whatever the result will be, ready yourself to praise and worship God even more!
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