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Autumn | Furniture Flips & DIY


Furniture Flips * DIY * Dupes ⬇️Fear ⬆️ 💪🏼 💕45k Insta | YT Tutorials👇🏼

Did you catch him at the End?!? 🤷🏼‍♀️🥰
Also… what kind of bug is that?!? Share in comments 😬🕷️

Y’all know I only recommend DIY’s that I believe in, and @pestie is one of my faves!

🏡 When we moved into our new home there were so many new things to get used to. Thank goodness that doesn’t include the bugs.
My favorite part of Pestie:

💚Kid and pet friendly
💚Inexpensive with professional results
💚Easy & Quick DIY
💚Custom formula for my NEW climate
💚Bug free guarantee

Here’s a bonus- @Pestie only sends what you need and gives instructions on how to apply so that vou can minimize the effect on the environment and honeybees. Win win 💕

If you want to give Pestie a try, you can get started with code: prayedoverpieces10
#ad #diy #diyproject #diypestcontrol #pestie #sustainableliving
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