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Pow Wow Pitch ❤️


Pow Wow Pitch is a non-profit organization for Indigenous entrepreneurs ❤️



Feeling like VIP at ManitoAhbee ⭐️ @Kairyn Potts @michelle chubb ⭐️ Pow Wow Pitch was in the house! Submit your pitch before June 21, 2022 #indigenous #indigenoustiktok #powwowpitch
Ugh we LOVE how Indigenous auntie do business @Rezgal99 🥵🔥🥰. Our last weeks winner was @Kiyam Clothing Wear ! DM us so we can’t send ya some $ 🤩 Mīgwetch for pitching! #powwowpitch #indigenoustiktok #manitoahbee
Guys it’s really that easy 🤪 Pow Wow Pitch chooses a weekly winner for Indigenous entrepreneurs 😎 @Bear Essential Oils was this weeks winner! Send us an email to hello@powwowpitch.org so we can send you $100! Mīgwetch and see you all next Friday! Love all of us at Pow Wow Pitch #powwowpitch #indigenoustiktok #indigenousbusiness
Our weekly #powwowpitch winners ! DM us so we can send you your prizes 🎉 Mīgwetch #gatheringofnations
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