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Positive Power Coach (Pallavi)


Manifestation, Mindset & Mindfulness Coach 🪄Reiki, pranic energy healer

Here's your lesson from nature 🌱 No matter what you are going through right now, remember that there's always an opportunity right there to grow and learn with the obstacle.  It's your mindset towards the obstacle itself that changes the scenario and provides you with opportunities. ❤️ Like if you agree ❤️ . . #mindset #mindsetmotivation #growthmindset #mindsetcoach  #positivemindset #changeyourmindset #tedx #tedxtalks #tedxtalk #inspirationalvideo   . created by Positive Power Coach (Pallavi) with Skott’s Overcome
I'm curious to know... What do you do at your lunch 'Break'?

❓ Do you eat at your desk?
❓ Do you chat on your phone?
❓ Do you browse your social media?
❓ Do you take a mindful walk?

It's called a 'break' for a reason 🫶 It's your time to pause, eat Mindfully, take up a mindful activity, refresh yourself and gear up for the next part of the day 🤗

Does your break facilitate this? Or are you going into a wormhole of more chios with technology and social media?

🫶 It only takes a few minutes to reset your day.
🫶 It only takes a few minutes to raise your vibes.
🫶 It only takes a few minutes to set your intentions for the rest of the day.

I have a few favourite activities to do during my lunch break. I firstly, religiously get out of my desk and eat my lunch mindfully in the eating area.

When I'm at my office, I go for a walk in the park next door. I don't use my phone to talk or check notifications. That's my time with nature.

When I am at home, I take a few minutes to chant my Chakra meditation mantras. They're so powerful!

I am often asked how I am full of energy ⚡🙂
It all comes down to raising my vibes - deliberately, multiple times a day. It's my lifestyle choice.

Let's build a community around mindfulness, intentional living, and a high vibe lifestyle. Let's encourage and support each other 🫶

Let's educate our next generation.

Let's use time to learn something new every day.

Who's with me?

Join my journey as I dig deep and educate others' on the secrets of manifestation and high vibe lifestyle 🤗
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This is an interesting analogy ✨

You're happy to believe that electricity is produced from water, sun, and wind 💧☀️🌬️

So why is it hard to believe these energy forms can we use our own vibrational energy?!

You're happy to believe that Jesus, Krishna and other divine powers were healers. You believe that magic and miracles exist.

So why is it hard to believe in energy healing techniques such as Reiki and Pranic healing?!

There are so many things in this world that we do not understand completely. But if you're curious and eager to learn, the higher knowledge will come to you.

I have always been curious 🧐 my curiosity and quest for magic and miracles have led me to learn Reiki and Pranic healing. I still want to learn more - not just for healing the world but also to understand who I am and what my purpose on this earth is?

I want to educate the younger generation. It is so important!

I always say that when we are born, we come to this world with his higher knowledge and then we take on the beliefs of our surroundings, the material world, and we forget everything. We are broken at some point and then we go back to fix everything and relearn everything!

As crazy as it may sound, this is so true!

✍️ Let me know what you think in the comments below 👇🙂♥️

If you are curious about Reiki and Pranic healing and want to know more, DM me 💌
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