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Becky at Poppets Baby Popperting all day everyday 🌱 www.poppetsbaby.com



Whatever your groove is, you know with Poppets Baby you are doing it in the most sustainable way 🌱 Made of bio-based plastic and 100% recyclable ♻️ Contemporary, ergonomic and stylish design to suit any home, has a life beyond wipes and can be used for many other purposes 🙌🏻  Let us know which one you love and how you use them! #reusablewipes #poppetsbaby #clothwipesolution #clothbumbaby #reusablenappies #babywipes #onceyoupoppetyoucantstopit  created by Poppets with Deee-Lite's Groove Is in the Heart
Confused every time you look at a flat nappy? Then don’t be!

If you are wanting to dabble with a Terry square then this is the month for you!
You will see the cloth nappy community all getting involved with FebruTERRY!

Search the
#februterry and you will find hundreds of reels, help and advice on how to use a flat nappy.

We will also be getting involved and adding some simple folds to our highlights throughout the month.

A simple terry square is a staple for any nappy stash. Once you’ve nailed a couple of folds they are so easy to use, super absorbent, adaptable, comfy on baby, easy to wash and dry, great value for money and look adorable on ❤️

Our 50x50 bamboo flats are perfect for newborns, they are super soft and once baby has outgrown, they can be pad folded or used as a general baby cloth/towel 🙌🏻

#poppetsbaby #poppetsbabyreusables #clothbummum #februterry #reusablenappies #ecoparenting #clothnappyaddict #clothnappy #duein2023 #bornin2023 #clothbum #sustainableliving
‘Hello Poppets Parents’!

We just want to say a massive thankyou to everyone that took the time to apply to become a part of the
#poppetsparents team over on Instagram, the response we had was overwhelming, thank you so much ☺️

What is a Poppets parent?

Simply put they are a group of parents from many different walks of life, with varying levels of experience.

Like most of us they are doing their best to make their way in the world and trying to be as eco as they can along the way. Their opinions and post are their own and they use a wide variety of brands and products. They are a wonderful resource of knowledge for you all to tap into and they truly love to help.

Let us introduce you to the new team where you can find them all over on Instagram and some here on TikTok ❤️


You will see some old faces and some new and we are proud to have each and everyone of them by our side 🤗

📸 A selection of photos from our gorgeous team of Poppets Parents ❤️

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