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Popcorn Finance


Short podcast talking money in the time it takes to make popcorn🍿 Link in IG

What would you do? 😳

In Ep
#69 we share a story about woman who is fed up with her husband’s friend taking advantage of their kindness and not helping them financially after moving in.

#thisisawkward #freeloaders #imtired #relationships
When was the last time you changed the batteries 🪫 in your smoke detector?

@This Is Awkward I share the cautionary tale of my friend who has refused to change the batteries in his smoke detectors for almost 15 years! 😳

Please go change your batteries! 🔋

#theroofisonfire #onlyyoucanpreventforestfires #smokedetector #changeyourbatteries #thisisawkward #awkwardmoments
Weird flex but ok @Allison Baggerly 😂. Do you also have grandparents or relatives in their 90s? Let me know, I swear I won’t be too jealous 😅.⁠

@This Is Awkward

#thisisawkward #grandparentslove #grandparents #weirdflexbutokay #family
On @This Is Awkward listeners send us their awkward money stories and we discuss them and try to see if we can help them find a solution. ⁠

This clip is from Ep. 61 and focuses on a listener who is being pressured by their real estate agent cousin to buy a house. ⁠

Does this cousin have good intentions or are they looking to make another big commission and further their career? ⁠Let me know your thoughts!⁠

#thisisawkwardpodcast #thisisawkward #popcornfinance #inspiredbudget #buyingmyfirsthome #budgets
Had to make a trip for this book 📚

I don’t got to physical books stores very often, but when your friend writes their first book you have to go grab a copy in person.

@inspiredbudget ’s very first book Money Made Easy just came out and it was in a beautiful display right as I walked in to the store.

Allison put everything she had in to this book so if you want a book full of real stories that also helps you get your money life right you gotta go grab a copy!

#moneymadeeasy #bookstagram #bookstore #financialliteracy
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