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Leanne Yau | Polyamory ❤️♾️


🌈 Non-Monogamy, Queerness, Sx Positivity, Neurodivergence 🔥 Trainee Therapist



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Labels can be useful for defining what you are to each other, and feeling seen by those who perceive your #relationship from the outside. They can also be limiting/restrictive if they do not accurately describe your dynamic. If implemented too soon, they can end up feeling inauthentic and performative, but implementing them too late can cause #insecurity . What do labels mean to you? 🏷️ #relationshiptips #polyamoryadvice

This video is an excerpt from a longer, 15-minute video titled “Labels: Helpful or Harmful?” on my PATRE0N, which you can access through the l!nk in my b!o. Subscribing will get you a bunch of perks - in addition to weekly videos you also get 20% off peer support, uncensored photos of my polycule, monthly live Q&As, and more.
Do you want to watch a #bisexual #polyamorouscouple play #DreamDaddy together? Yes you do. Join me and my boyfriend on Twitch this Thursday and watch us date some hot daddies. #videogames
One of my first experiences with #openrelationships was #emotionalabuse - and unfortunately a lot of people don’t know what they’re doing and end up perpetuating a lot of toxic bs when they first try out #nonmonogamy . #Polyamory can be done in all kinds of unethical or morally grey ways, and to dismiss that stuff like this does happen is a disservice to the victims. In a 32-minute video on my Patre0n, I talk about this a little more in the context of a review of the film ‘Passages’ - what #narcissism looks like, #redflags in relationships, and more. Subscribing means you get weekly videos on non-monogamy as well as a bunch of other perks, and I really appreciate the people who are directly supporting my work!
I’m dancing 💃🏻 because the long-awaited #Lovehoney Advent Calendars are finally back, and they’re getting bigger and better than ever. Why get an advent calendar filled with chocolates, when you could get one containing sx toys? 😇 I’m holding the Couple’s set, which contain 24 toys(!!!) worth £425 separately, but as a bundle they can be yours, a lover’s, or a friend’s for just £150 🔥 That means you’d be saving over £300! If you’re (somehow) still not convinced, I’m further sweetening the deal for you with an *additional* 10% off with the code POLYADVENT 🤭 With discreet shipping and a 100-day money back guarantee, what have you got to lose? Check out the l!nk !n my b!o, and tag a friend if you feel they deserve some festive fun!
I’m officially #comingout as #nonbinary , I guess? It’s not the first time I’ve talked about my general ambivalence around my #gender and how it relates to me being #actuallyautistic (the term is autigender), so this may not come as a surprise to some of you. Despite mostly referring to myself as a woman publicly, I only do so because that’s how most people see me and I honestly cannot be bothered to correct them that I feel more non-binary, because I personally don’t need external validation to feel secure in my gender identity. Reminder that non-binary people don’t owe you androgyny and that gender identity and gender expression are not the same thing. Also #transrights are human rights and if you’re a TERF you can go ahead and block me now 🏳️‍⚧️
@TherapyJeff is a fantastic relationship therapist and creator and him saying he’s interested in #nonmonogamy to his millions of mostly monogamous followers totally rocked the internet. I highly recommend checking out the two videos he’s made about it so far! #monogamish
I’m not really interested in whether a #polyamorous #relationship is defined as hierarchical or not, but more so the specific logistics and #relationshipagreements and limitations of our connection and its place within the wider #polycule . Watch the full video of my Joyride workshop on my Pätrëøn, exclusively available to subscribers.
#Capitalism has taught us to be competitive and to adopt the #scarcitymindset , which holds us back in #polyamorous #relationships . Watch the full video to learn more about jealousy on my Pätréôn.
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