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Musician, Visual Artist, plant&animal lover 🦚



Full live session with my jazz fusion trio Lyder of our track ‚Sea of Thought’ is availabe on Jazz-o-Tech’s Youtube channel 💫 Thanks @Moritz Stahl and @FTP Doctor for making this ensemble so great ❤️‍🔥  🎥 by @Georg Stirnweiß  #jazz #techno #saxophone #keys #liveelectronics #vocals #genrefusion   created by Polygonia with Polygonia's sonido original
This is another very psychedelic video snippet, created with #stablediffusion 👾 I made it for my track ‚Enteroctopus Dofleini‘ which came out on vinyl, released by the wonderful label ARA of @Kangding Ray .

It mirrors quite well what I had in mind moving in front of my inner eyes when I produced my track. 🐙

You can support the whole release via bandcamp, hardwax and various other platforms 🌺

#aianimation #aiart #octopus #psychedelic #tripping #visuals #vinyl
Today is the release day of my EP ‚Living Patterns‘ on @kangdingray ’s amazing label ara !
So happy and honoured to be part of this beautiful collection of releases. 🦜

You can find the link to all platforms where the EP is available from now on in my bio. The vinyl itself is available on the Kompakt website, Ara’s bandcamp and your favorite recordstore. 🥁

I created a music video for my track ‚Hamadryas Amphinome‘ with #stablediffusion . With that it is possible to create insane AI animations which can be audio reactive. Such an interesting art of creation, really digging it at the moment and I am only at the beginning. Will put out more snippets like these during the following weeks 🤹🏽‍♀️

1. Enteroctopus Dofleini
2. Hamadryas Amphinome
3. Geronticus Eremita
4. Pterois Miles
5. Vipera Berus
6. Vespula Pensylvanica

#ai #animation #art #insect #butterfly #hamadryasamphinome #music #musicvideo #techno #deeptechno
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