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Polly Allen


I help humans understand AI. I help AI scientists understand humans. Ex-Alexa AI

How does #chatGPT work? If you’re looking for no-jargon, non-tech explainers, follow my “12 days of ChatGPT” series. Questions welcome! created by Polly Allen with Polly Allen’s original sound
So #grateful for the dozens and dozens #womenintech and #womeninbusiness who’ve already spoken to me in the first few weeks. Excited for the radical changes we can bring to the industry in #2023 ! DM if you’d like to learn more!
Yep, @AI Career Boost launched ine day after ChatGPT! Ready to up yoir AI game? Come and get it (links in bio) #chatgpt #generativeai #aiforeveryone
@AI Career Boost turns 1 year old on December 1st! To celebrate we’re doing a blitz of free webinars, updates to our free learning guide and more! Follow here and at on Linkedin (pollymallen) to stay up to date - and share with any product folx looking for AI training meant for THEM! #ai #generativeai #productmanagers
Ever wondered what AI Product Management is all about? Let’s explore! Full @womeninproducthq podcast episode coming early 2024, follow me here to be the first to know! #AIProductManagement #WomenInTech #TechTalk
#question from pollymallen #greenscreenvideo Google and Microsoft have both announced generative AI features in all the product - END THE COPY&PASTE! Learn how to add Conversationa Al to products like they do in my Conversational AI course.
#stitch with @professorcasey ChatGPT and Bard can only be useful if they’re reliable! Honestly, academics and people in the industry are dumbfounded over the hype…
Awkward for #google . And expensive. But would you have caught this mistake on your own? Can you trust #chatGPT ? #bard #demo #ai #generativeai
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