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During #PoetryMonth poets in 64 cities/towns in 20 states can have a #freeride

i don't like to write this. This is America. I got attacked today by two persons. One crazy woman and one man while I was sitting in the subway. What happened: I took my phone from my pocket in a overcrowded subway and while doing that I slightly touched the woman next to me. She asked for an excuses, I said I will not give it to you, then she begged me for an excuses, I said I will not apoligize you as nothing happend. Then she screamed that i was a bitch, then I SCREAMED harder that SHE WAS THE BITCH and immediately after it escalated. The woman and the man started to attack me. I was happy that somebody took the woman off me. She manage to throw her shit @mcdonalds drink over me and kept screaming that I had to leave the train and that I had to go back to where I came from. I yelled back that I would not leave the train for you, bitch. The other guy disappeared again but when I was leaving the station he suddenly walked next to me. He started to attack me again, I pushed him away a couple of times but outside the station he started the follow me. I didn't realize that to be honest but at the traffic light he was next to me again. This time he had his hand in his jacket like he was holding a knife or gun. . Never had experienced something like that. It was terrible and I hope that it will never happen again but this is America.
#mcdonald , #attack #subway #nyc
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