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welcome to my booktok!📚✡️🏳️‍🌈 pluvioreads@gmail.com YA/NA reviewer


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The Changing Man book tour!

Synopsis If it was left to her, Ife Adebola wouldn’t be starting at Nithercott School. Because despite her being in the Urban Achievers scholarship program, her parents can barely afford the tuition. No matter who is trying to be friends with her, like her classmate Bijal, or how much the prestigious boarding school tries to pull her in, Ife is determined not to get caught up in any of it.

But when another student, Malika, begins acting strange, Ife can’t help but wonder if there’s more going on at Nithercott than she realizes. Could there be any truth to the school’s decades-old legend of the Changing
Man? Is there any connection to the missing older brother of her classmate, Ben?

As more questions arise, Ife has no choice but to team up with Ben and Bijal to investigate. But can the trio act quickly enough to uncover who is behind everything, before one—or all—of them is the Changing Man’s next victim?

Thank you to
@Storygram Tours @Fierce Reads

#yabooks #booktok #yathriller #yahorror #mysterythrillerbooks #thrillerbooktok #bookish #currentlyreading #mustread #storygramtours #thechangingman
Farther Than The Moon book tour! Thanks @Turn the Page Tours @Macmillan Children’s Books

Synopsis All thirteen-year-old Houston Stewart has ever wanted is to become an astronaut. His dreams feel like they're finally coming true when he's accepted to the highly-competitive Junior Astronaut Recruitment Program – if only he could bring his little brother, Robbie, with him.

Ever since their dad left, Houston and Robbie have been inseparable. It's hard to tell where Houston's love of space ends and where Robbie's begins. But Robbie's cerebral palsy and epilepsy mean he needs medical attention at home, so Houston is forced to take this giant leap for the two of them all on his own.

At camp, Houston is quickly drawn into the orbit of new friends, cosmic adventures, and a long-lost grandfather. But as Houston struggles to meet the program's rigorous demands, he’s forced to reckon with the truth that Robbie may never visit space like the brothers have always hoped. But Houston is determined to honor Robbie’s dream, even if it seems like an impossible mission. So, like a good astronaut, he dares to make a new plan ― one that shoots for the stars.

Review This book was beautifully realistic about family relationships, friendships, disabilities, goals and more. It’s hard to balance that all especially as you’re growing up. This book has amazing disability representation both with Robbie and other side characters. I really connected to a side character that has sensory processing disorder. Houston has a mostly amazing squad and I learned a lot about space from this book! I also liked the lesson he learned, it’s one many of us sadly go through in our own ways. This is a heartfelt story that I highly recommend!

#booktok #middlegradebooks #kidslit #childrensbooks #bookrecs #tbrcart #bookchallenge #bookish #readersoftiktok
The Invocations arc bookmail featuring my dogs Milo & Luna! Thanks so much @Penguin Teen for this cool box! I’m so excited to read this arc! This is out in January

Short synopsis - From the author of New York Times bestseller House of Hollow comes a darkly seductive witchy thriller where, though both men and demons lurk in shadows, girls refuse to go quietly into the night.

#yahorror #booktok #fantasybooktok #fantasybooks #fabtasybookrecs #bookmail #bookish #currentlyreading #mustreadbooks #penguinteen #advancedreadercopy
Your Lonely Nights are over book tour!! Thanks so much @Storygram Tours @Penguin Teen

Short synopsis - Scream meets Clueless in this YA horror from Adam Sass in which two gay teen BFFs find their friendship tested when a serial ki**er starts targeting their school’s Queer Club

Other queer YA books out today
A hundred vicious turns
The borrow a boyfriend club

#yabooks #booktok #queerbook #bookrecommendations #horrorbooktok #yahorror #yaromance #storygramtours #yourlonelynightsareover #pubday #readingvlog #books
The Hurricane Wars has one of the most stunning covers. Thank you so much Harper Voyager!! I enjoyed this romantasy so much! This was a five star read for me

Synopsis - The heart is a battlefield.

All Talasyn has ever known is the Hurricane Wars. Growing up an orphan in a nation under siege by the ruthless Night Emperor, she found her family among the soldiers who fight for freedom. But she is hiding a deadly secret: light magic courses through her veins, a blazing power believed to have been wiped out years ago that can cut through the Night Empire’s shadows.

Prince Alaric, the emperor’s only son and heir, has been tasked with obliterating any threats to the Night Empire’s rule with the strength of his armies and mighty shadow magic. He discovers the greatest threat yet in Talasyn: a girl burning brightly on the battlefield with the magic that killed his grandfather, turned his father into a monster, and ignited the Hurricane Wars. He tries to kill her, but in a clash of light and dark, their powers merge and create a force the likes of which has never been seen.

This war can only end with them. But an even greater danger is coming, and the strange magic they can create together could be the only way to overcome it. Talasyn and Alaric must decide… are they fated to join hands, or destroy each other?

An exquisite fantasy brimming with unforgettable characters and sizzling enemies-to-lovers romance set in a richly drawn world, The Hurricane Wars marks the breathtaking debut of an extraordinary new writer.
#fantasyromancebooks #romantasybooktok #booktok #fantasybooktok #thehurricanewars #bookaesthetic #bookish #enemiestolovers #booktropes #fantasybookrecs
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