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EDM Producer/DJ Duo - Kahu & Monsoon Let’s Rave Together: go.plurth.com/tour

🎉 @Taylor Swift & @The Beatles are #1 right now! Is this the coolest timeline or what? #swirlpop bigroom techno future rave mix of ʻIs It Over Nowʻ x ʻNow and Thenʻ x ʻFlowersʻ
🎨 Iʻd rather be famous instead @Doja Cat
Paint the town red with our signature colorado techno future rave #swirlpop
We make Swirl Pop now 🫳🎤 only sampling @billboard #hot100 number ones into our own soulful style of colorado techno inspired future rave with glitch hop production technique like our hero pretty lights
👻 13 Halloween Songs that have hit number one on the @billboard Hot 100 singles chart all sampled into one new dance track for Friday the 13th to kick off the scary festivities 💀
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