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Replying to @digbiq Take advantage of our free two-day shipping with UPS on our 14 plus orders! You won't have to deal with subpar USPS service and can trust that your items will be delivered on time!
Replying to @dshughes05 Dylan just bought a mystery box for $50 - who knows what could be inside! It could be London Urbanista headphones, two 10-foot fast charger bundles, an Apple Pencil, Google Pixel Buds, or AirPods 2nd Gen!
Replying to @reflectiontrue Good news! We’ve got the M1 MacBook Airs in stock and they’re available for an unbeatable price. Get yours now before they’re gone!
Replying to @ochuogafelix Whether you're looking for a laptop to fit your budget or you want top-of-the-line technology, we have you covered! Check out our MacBooks, from $200 up to the MacBook Air M1 for only $700.
Replying to @markis430 Just scored a great deal on a 2017 MacBook Air! Mark started at just $279.99 and now the laptop is ready to go with a fully charged battery. Get your deals too by checking out the processing room for QC and great prices!
Replying to @ihearttaylorswiftfrfr Accidents happen, but luckily we're here to help! If you receive a cracked phone in the mail, be sure to reach out to us within 48 hours for a replacement. We take great care to make sure our customers are always happy, so don't hesitate to reach out in case of an emergency.
Replying to @nsaibot2 We've got you covered with our gloves! Get this amazing phone for only $699 and make sure to keep those prints off your device!
Replying to @ibrxndx we got more MacBooks starting at $199
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