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All of gaming, together. https://playtracker.net

Great recovery for #Cyberpunk2077 . Can't wait for an expansion 🚀
#Starfield is fully releasing tomorrow after several days of early access for buyers of the Premium Edition, and the numbers are already huge. PlayTracker estimates 1M+ players on Steam and 1M+ players on XBOX (via Premium Edition). Crazy numbers 🚀
#starfieldgame #starfieldgameplay #starfieldthegame #playtracker
#NoMansSky launched exactly 7 years ago to an avalanche of criticism and controversy, but has since mounted one of the biggest comebacks in gaming.

#PlayTracker achievement data shows the game has generated strong activity throughout the years with no decline in sight.

#nomansky #gamingvideos #gamingclips #gaminglife
#Exoprimal has seen underwhelming launch numbers on Steam and PlayStation, but Game Pass players offer a silver lining as XBOX makes up the vast majority of the game's 1M+ players.

Positive reception and word of mouth is spreading. Can this GaaS survive its' extinction event?

#exoprimalgameplay #exoprimalgame #PlayTracker
#BattleBitRemastered has set Steam's charts ablaze in June and is fast approaching 2M players. But what is behind the success: what kind of player is it resonating with so much?

Do not be fooled by the voxel graphics, this game's audience is filled with fans of hardcore military shooters - its biggest audience overlaps are with games like Arma, Call of Duty and Battlefield.
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