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Phili @ GF Glee


🍴 Your guide to gluten free good times 📍 https://linktr.ee/gfglee


So, this weeks supermarket is Sainsbury’s and the shop revealed that the basket containing the gluten free items was £7.37 more expensive at £13.75 compared to the gluten basket which came to a cheap £6.38.

That’s double the price of the gluten basket at a 116% increase and when you compare each item cost per 100g, there is an even bigger increase of 175%!

We always make sure we mention the price per 100g because the majority of the time, the products are completely different weights and it’s mainly the gluten free items which come in smaller packs but are more expensive so you’re paying more, for less.

What does this tell us? Well, comparing Sainsbury’s to Morrison’s, the Sainsbury’s shop came out cheaper in both basket price and price per 100g. However, the difference between the two baskets was huge in Sainsbury’s with the gluten basket costing half the amount as gluten free. So even though Sainsbury’s came out cheaper, Morrisons gluten and gluten free range were more in line price wise with each other than at Sainsbury’s. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

We now have this data up on our website so go on the link in our bio to see the leaderboard page 😊

M&S is next 💜 one of my favourites but famously more expensive, let’s see if it’s worth it for basic items.

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