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Phil Heath


7x Mr Olympia



As March Madness is upon us and many including myself love watching these "bracket buster" games. We also tend to find out that it doesn't always take the best players, to make the best TEAM!!! Making the commitment of Team first, individual accolades second will deliver your team into the championship! There are behemoths of corporations who are beaten by smaller ones who do the little things, paying attention to detail consistently while creating high efficient possessions throughout each "quarter" or "half" of the game.  Strategize accordingly. Know yourself and your personnel and take accountability for every possession in your life and I can promise you'll be in a greater position to grow than ever before!!!  Win today! #PhilHeath #7xMrOlympia #Motivation #Health #Fitness #Business #development  #Champion #mindset  #coaching created by Phil Heath with Phil Heath's original sound
Saying Goodbye to 2022 as it has been one definitely for the books.
I declare that 2022 will be a valuable tool in championing through 2023 and beyond.
My essentials for kicking ass are:
Setting new standards because in order to get more, one must DO MORE! This means extreme focus everyday, especially on those days you wanna quit.
Reducing noise from the internal voice which tries to make you lazy and paralyzed from limiting beliefs. You can't say you want more out of life without acknowledging why you're not achieving more of our life. Self reflection while reminding yourself that if you solve your own problems, you can ultimately feel a euphoric feeling of true triumph. This requires tons of positive self talk and actual work while nobody else is watching.
Asking for help! Now this is one even I have a problem with. Leaning on those who you can trust, not emotionally dumping on them but truly seeking advice from those who are experts in what you may lack. Toss out the Ego, empty your cup and be ready to receive nuggets if wisdom & love so you can offer more to others.

These are just a few of the things I will be doing consistently throughout 2023, as I know my future self especially the self from a year from now requires a valiant, relentless effort day in day out.
2023 I'm coming and I'm coming ready!!!
I wish you all great happiness, self empowerment, positivity, gratitude and love!
Feel free to share what 2022 meant and what 2023 means to you.

Love to All!

#PhilHeath #motivation #purpose #mindset #gratitude
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