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Pet Food Express


We help California pets and their parents live happier, healthier lives🐾



On tonight’s menu: @nulopetfood Freestyle line of kibble, freeze-dried, toppers, and treats served up in one of our favorite puzzle bowls for an extra layer of mealtime fun!

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#NationalDogBiscuitDay Taste Test! Does your dog have a favorite biscuit treat? Or are they like our friend Junior here, who loves them ALL?! #dogtreats #treatyourpet #fyp
Whether you bathe your dog at home or the #PFEPetWash , make bathtime fun and easy with this pro tip from Sylvia Wes!  

"Grab a lick mat! I like this double sided one by Messy Mutts and smear it with your favorite topping. I've recently become really obsessed with this Mount Zara hemp infused peanut butter (be sure to pay attention to the serving size for your size dog, less is more)." 

💡 Follow @Sylvia Wes for more tips, hacks, and training advice 
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Do you walk your dog, or does your dog walk you? Unfortunately, many dog parents struggle with leash pulling, which can make a fun outing with your four-footed bestie a struggle. 
Certified trainer
@dogupinthisbitch is here to help with three easy steps for loose leash walking! 
A loose leash makes for better walks, which can help build and strengthen the relationship between you and your dog. 
We hope you have enjoyed these training tips with certified trainer Sylvia Wes for #nationaltrainyourdogmonth !
If you live in the LA area and need dog training services, contact Sylvia today. Happy training!
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Offering opportunities for enrichment is the number one way to help meet your dog's needs and curb unwanted behaviors by providing them with physical and mental stimulation. 
@dogupinthisbitch walks us through her recommended Pet Food Express enrichment products that can help meet your dog's four significant needs: 
✔️ Physical
✔️ Mental 
✔️ Soothing
✔️ Instinctual 
Tune in next Thursday to brush up on the basics or learn a new skill.

Next week’s topic: Loose leash walking! 
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Is your puppy or new dog having problems with potty training?
Helping your dog develop successful potty habits is generally a simple process, but sometimes unexpected issues may throw you for a loop. Luckily, it's
#NationalTrainYourDog month, and certified partner trainer Sylvia Wes is here to share her pro tips for tackling potty training.   

⌚ Manage your time. Create a schedule using Sylvia's Potty Timetable Workbook, available for download at our link in bio on IG.
🦴 Reinforce the behavior you want to see. 
🏠 Manage your space.
🐕 Size your crate the right way.
Tune in every Thursday through January to brush up on the basics or learn a new skill! Next week's topic: Crate Training.
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