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Kim Rosas | Period Nirvana


visit PN quiz to find a cup/disc ⬇️ shop reusables at period.shop in the US


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Replying to @bamy44 without the ability to squeeze test and feel cups in person this is impossible. That is why i have one of almost every brand - i rate the firmness and list on my resources. The cup finder and the cup chart both give you the PN firmness rating. Firmess is subjective and ratings are done by hand and comparisons to brands one by one. #cuptok #periodtok #menstrualcup #divacup
#duet with @Kayli_Knockitoff #Stitch #greenscreen this photo has been floating around the internet forever but how fun is that. I need to see a disc next. Quick let me trip on my treadmill next time im on my period 😅 #menstrualcup #cuptok #periodtok
#stitch with @CAM i had a double layered desktop of icons but i cleaned it after i was desktop shamed at a work event.
Replying to @h a y l e y DivaCup is “average” 3 firmness so it sounds like you need a very soft cup or maybe a softer disc. I havent seen studies to concretely connect UTI’s and cups but there is a correlation IMO based on my ten+ years of feedback and troubleshooting. Esp if you are prone to UTI’s already and then use a firm cup that restricts part of rhe urine flow. Hth! #periodtips #uti #periodtok #menstrualcup #divacup
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