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Make your own workout stack! Try @charliemadeit's push day stack:  🧊ION Pre-Workout + Creatine in Blue Ice 🔥Creatine  🍉ISO EAA + BCAA Find all of Charlie's favorites at our link in bio⚡ created by Performix with Performix's original sound
Need a #highprotein breakfast recipe? We have you covered💪 Try our NEW! Whey Protein in Chocolate 🍫 @Temple Kortum
Glute Day Necessities 🥵 @Emily Jacques makes the most of her workout with PERFORMIX:

🧊ION Pre-Workout + Creatine in Blue Ice for energy
🔥Creatine for Muscle Growth
💧ISO EAA + BCAA in Watermelon for Hydration and Recovery

Get the most out of your workout at our link in bio.⚡
A chocolate protein lover’s dream 🍫

Using our NEW! Whey Chocolate Protein and our Creatine, save
@Nick Walker ’s chocolate PB banana recipe for after your next workout💪

Our new protein is packed with:
✔️a sugar free formula⁣
✔️24g of protein per serving⁣
✔️5.4g BCAAs per serving⁣

Get your limited-time discount on our NEW! protein at our link in bio.‪ ‬
Build your hamstrings with @coach.suave and PERFORMIX ION Pre-Workout + Creatine, SST Support Burn, and Creatine supplements🔥🧠⚡
Shop one of our TEAM PFX Ambassadors, @coach.suave ’s top 4 supplements:

⚡SST Support Burn - L-Carnitine to use fat, not muscles for energy
⚡SST AbCuts - non-stim CLA formula for fat loss and muscle tone
⚡ION Pre-Workout + Creatine - explosive pre-workout energy
⚡Creatine - strength & muscle growth

Which Performix supplements can you not live without?
Your new workout combo: ION Pre-Workout + Creatine x ISO EAA + BCAA🔥 @queencaffeine

Your pre-workout is just as important as your recovery.⁣

ION Pre-Workout + Creatine in Blue Ice🧊 gives you the energy boost you need to get started, while ISO EAA + BCAA Recovery in Watermelon🍉 recovers lost electrolytes and prevents muscle cramping and dehydration.⁣

Hit this dynamic duo of Pre-Workout + Creatine x Recovery powder at our link in bio.
Full Body Workout by @charliemadeit , powered by PERFORMIX ⚡🧠

You know you’re ready to take your workouts to the next level. Mind > matter
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