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Pentaquin: Deeds Of Twilight is going to be a 2D Platformer Indie Game!

💎 Before every boss fight in our #2DPlatformer 'Pentaquin: Deeds Of Twilight' you'll be able to unlock a magic runestone checkpoint that saves your current progress, so that you won't need to start all over again in case you shoul die during combat. 🪦
#indiegamedev #indiegame #indiegames #gamedev #indiedev #screenshotsaturday
🎮 While discovering the levels of the #2DPlatformer 'Pentaquin: Deeds Of Twilight' you should take care of our newly added crumbling platforms, which can be really dangerous if you stay on them for too long. But fortunately, they'll rebuild themselves magically after some time, making them accessible again.

#screenshotsaturday #indiegames #indiedev #gamedev #indiegames #indiegame #indiegamedev
⚔️ In our upcoming #2DPlatformer 'Pentaquin: Deeds Of Twilight' you'll need to mix both your closed and ranged combat abilities in order to efficiently fight against the dangerous enemies. 🧙🏽 #indiedev #indiegamedev #gamedev #indiegame #ScreenshotSaturday #indiegames #gaming
The Light Projectile is a powerful ranged attack that you'll be able to shoot at all kinds of enemies in our #2DPlatformer 'Pentaquin: Deeds Of Twilight' without any Mana costs. Being the son of a mighty Light Mage, attacks based on light magic are the foundation of your combat abilities.
🧊 One of the five skills that you'll be able to learn in our #2DPlatformer 'Pentaquin: Deeds Of Twilight' is to cast an iced magic surface on the ground in front of you. Using this slippery terrain, you'll be able to slide over the ground, which does not only makes you move faster, but also increases the range of your jumps while also lowering your height, thus allowing you to slide underneath caves and other areas with narrow ceilings. 💨#indiegame # gamedev # indiegamedev # indiedev # gaming
🎶 New #Soundtrack demo pre-release! Enjoy 'The Dragon's Mine' - our latest piece of #GameMusic we've created for the #2DPlatformer 'Pentaquin: Deeds Of Twilight'. 🎮🎧 Listen to it on your favourite streaming platform: https://pentaqu.in/the-dragons-mine (Link in Bio)🐉 The level where this soundtrack is going to be played takes places within an abandoned mine and also musically underlines an epic fight against a dragon. #gamedev #in diegames #in diedev #Sc reenshotSaturday
🪵 The so called 'Woodwalkers' are the native inhabitants of the mystic forests in our #2DPlatformer 'Pentaquin: Deeds Of Twilight'.🌲🌳 Those wooden creatures have been shaped by the magic forces of Pentaquin's nature moon and they'll do everything they can in order to defend their forests.#ScreenshotSaturday #in diedev #in diegames #ga medev
🏐🐝 On today's #ScreenshotSaturday we'd like to show you our newly implemented falling obstacles like this hornet nest for our #2DPlatformer 🎮
🚀 Some areas in our #2DPlatformer #game 'Pentaquin: Deeds Of Twilight' will be much more challenging to reach. Fortunately, there'll be jump pads. 😉
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