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Psychologist. Award-winning metaphysical thriller writer living in New Mexico.

🔥 Can the sacred be abused? Of course! I deal with it all week long in therapy practice. Then on the weekend, I write stories that imaginatively pull together energies, experiences, and the way out of what's bad. The numinous, the sacred, can go south.

You want to know how it happens? I'll tell you. It happens when you stay in one place too long. Then meaning stops, energy stops, what's good about everything stops. And when what's good stops, the sacred has skidded to a screeching halt!

Yikes, you say. You're right to say that because when good energy, sacred stuff, dries up, everything in life goes wrong. Bad things that didn't need to happen, happen.

Is there any way out, you ask? Yup. I'll whisper in your ear the answer. Listen close. Quiet, steady yourself, deep breath. Here it is: Regroup and listen to what your mind tells you right now. There's something that says, "Move on and leave this behind." And that's the answer.

You let go of what you need to let go of, stop going to that place that always gives you bad vibes, let go of the bad times with negative people, and take on pass on the go-to negative attitudes in your head. Then . . . voila! The sacred and good energy of your life returns.

I write stories about people hitting a psychic brick wall. The sacred has been defiled. Time has come to square off and get real. Decisions need to be made. It happens in the metaphysical thrillers I write. It happens in your life and mine.

Read a good story or two or three and they'll help you figure your way out of what's dried up sacred and good energy and how to go about finding your way back into a stable mind and a perfectly decent life!

Happy Reading: pauldeblassieiii.com 
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