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Alyssa - Registered Dietitian


PCOS Dietitian Realistic & sustainable nutrition Click for my FREE guide ⬇️

Feeling overwhelmed on supplements for PCOS? Get the deets here.

Some key points to know about supplements:

👉 they aren't a magic fix and shouldn't replace nutrition and lifestyle modifications
👉 more doesn't necessarily mean better
👉 they aren't FDA approved so I recommend looking for supplements that are third-party tested
👉 always talk to your healthcare provider about supplements to ensure it's a good choice for you

My Top PCOS Supplements:
☀️ Vitamin D -- according to research, approximately 75% of those with PCOS are vit D deficient. Vit D deficiency is linked to insulin resistance, inflammation, delayed ovulation, & high androgens. Therapeutic dosage: 2000+ iu daily depending on your serum levels.

💊 Inositol -- research has shown it to have the same outcomes (or better!) as Metformin use. The 40:1 ratio of myo- to d-chiro inositol mimics the same ratio that's naturally found in our body. Therapeutic dosage: 2000-4000mg myo-inositol plus 50-100mg d-chiro inositol. See my Ovasitol highlight for more info.

🐠 Fish Oil -- research shows that it can be super helpful at lowering androgens, glucose & insulin, BMI, cholesterol, and fatty liver. This can be especially helpful if fatty fish is not in your diet routinely. Therapeutic dosage: 1000-4000 mg/day.

😴 Magnesium -- research shows it can be helpful at lowering IR, cholesterol, inflammation, and can help promote calm and restful sleep. Magnesium citrate or magnesium glycinate are 2 forms I typically recommend. Therapeutic dosage: 200-600mg daily.

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Do you take any supplements for PCOS? What has your experience been? Or what questions do you have? 👇🏼
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