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Unlock a pet-friendlier world with Pawnec ID tags 🤳 Happy Trails 🐾 Safe Paws!

🌙✨ When the lights go off, the magic begins... This #PetHalloween , witness a playful scare that draws near in the dark. 🐾💡 ⁠

Something GLOWS amidst the shadows, and it's inching closer! Are you ready to meet the mysterious, the enchanting, the not-so-spooky presence in the night? 🎃👻 Stay tuned... if you dare! #GlowNGo

#PetHalloweenCostume #PetHalloweenCostumes #HalloweenPet #HalloweenPets #HalloweenPetCostumes
Episode 3 of #SpotTheUniqueMark is here, and it’s a roller-coaster! 🎢⁠

Our host took a whirl at identifying five pets by their unique marks, and let's just say it wasn’t a walk in the park! With only one spot-on first attempt, it’s clear that identifying pets isn’t always a breeze. It’s moments like these that underscore the importance of a unique body mark on your pet’s universal smart ID. For clarity, for peace of mind, and for those unexpected twists! Because every pet is one-of-a-kind, and we’re here to celebrate that! 🎉

#petparenting #petparent #petparenthood #petparentlife #petparents #dogparent #dogparents #dogparentlife #dogparenting
Whisking up moments of joy at @8 by the Street Café ! 🐾While their menu might not have a dedicated dog section yet, their dollops of whipped cream for our furry friends speak volumes. Bright interiors and a warm staff make it a delightful spot for pet parents.

#ItsPetFriendlyBecause a little whipped cream makes every pup's day special! 🍦🐶
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