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Parents Are Human


A bilingual card game to help spark deep conversations with your loved ones ❤️

Who else’s heart is melting after watching this video of @carrieosities and her parents? 🥺  We are so grateful for you, thank you for making this video!!

Have you recorded any conversations with your parents recently? We’d love to share your story 💝  Don’t forget to tag us & add
#ParentsAreHuman to help inspire others to get closer to their loved ones!

Read Carrie’s original caption ↓

“This card game helped me get to know my parents better and I’m so grateful.

I’ve always had a hard time talking about my feelings to my family. Whether it was a language barrier or, stigma - it took a lot for me to open up. I’m in therapy, working to break and heal from intergenerational trauma. One of the ways I hope to do this is to have real, deep conversations with my parents.
@parentsarehuman really helped with that. They have these amazing sets of cards with beautiful questions. They are available in several languages such as Mandarin, Tagalog, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Korean. My parents loved and I loved it.

If it feels safe, I encourage conversations with loved ones today. ❤️ thank you for watching!”
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