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Panic 39


established 1999 www.PANIC39.com



 created by Panic 39 with Panic 39's original sound
@headspin_trainer The body speaks more then words can describe.
🎥 @omega_tba
Special thanks to @nexusperformingarts for having me🙏🏽
Powered by @zeecaps Headspin Beanie
#headspin #headspins #upsidedown #headspinning #chicago #bboying #headstandvariation #powermoves #bboystyle #dancestudio #dancelife #drills #spins
@beastboogie Handstand Tutorial 📚

Having a good and balanced handstand is one of the best things you can achieve not only for your dance or sport, but for your entire life in general. Handstands help you build balance and body control for anything you do. I always tell my students that if you have good balance on your hands then you’ll have even better balance on your feet. You’ll understand why after you achieve this goal! Stay consistent and don’t give up!

#handstand #tutorial #handstands #handstandpractice #balance #breakdance #gymnastics #yoga #strengthtraining #balancetraining #dance #danceteacher #danceclass #yogapractice #dancetraining #training #howtohandstand #dancesport #bboy
Reposted from @ntegrityinmotion Tomorrow it's Going down! Come join us for Vol. 2 of @bgirl_herstory 👊

Hosted by @mantis_360 💫

Join us as @bgirltrinity and I take you on a journey of self discovery, laughs, challenges, successes and loses as we started breakin as a duo since the early 2000 till now.


Huge shout out to
@djladystyle 🎉🎉🎉👊👊
Representing France 🇫🇷 her tracks are 🔥🔥 please support this amazing talent!!! Much love and respect goes out to you!!! Breakin goes to Paris for the Olymic Games 2024! Hope to see you their!


This entire Archieve of footage is endless thanks to the videographer that documented the scene and the people in it! We Love you, Value you, and thank you! If I missed any videographer please let me know and I will add you!

@teckuno 🔥🔥🔥 what can I say you captured Trinity and I since the very beginning of our career. From your events at who came to 2Serve, Virgina, Indiana, Chicago, and more! Your extent and knowledge is endless. Trinity and I will always respect, love, value, and appreciate you always!

@trinityhiphop you have been support the CT Hip Hop scene and flying out other talents from around the globe! We have judged, battled, and conducted workshops. Love y'all!

The Roots Rising Up Music Video! It was an honor to in the video, big ups to @itsmazzi recommending us all!

Step Up 3D John Cu, just being on set was magic for all of us! Some of the Beet behind the scene battles ever!!! Wish we had the battle between speedy and @gravity____official lol 😆

@panic39 WE LOVE YOU! Don we go Way Back and you always supported us and we will continue to support you! 💕

No matter what you do with your passion always keep it

@unitedoutkast We are who we are today because of ALL OF YOU!!! You are all so talented and you inspire us all! We ❤️Ü

#ntegrityinmotion #inmotion #bgirls #bgirlNtegrity #bgirlTrinity #ittakes2 #breakin #breakinforgold #dancelife #hiphop #travle #serve #additudeofgraditude #bgirlherstory #rolemodel #athlets #artistsoninstagram #tiktok #femaledjs
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