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Hi, I rescue pigs 🐽 Nonprofit Animal Sanctuary Home to 100+ pigs donate below!



Meet baby Eileen ❤️

Baby Eileen came to Sisu late last night, in critical condition, from a new cruelty case investigation. We can't share all the details just yet - but just know that at one week old, Eileen has already survived unimaginable horrors. Her sibling died, and her mother was sold... she was all alone and arrived here on the brink of death.

Eileen was being fed the wrong milk, and it has destroyed her digestive system in just a few shorts days. Baby Eileen is just 4.5 pounds and still has her umbilical cord, but she is a fighter! This morning, Eileen saw the emergency vet, and although she has severe pneumonia and coccidiosis, we think she can pull through and make a full recovery. Today, she literally is standing on her own and walking! 🥹🙌
#comeoneileen ❤️

Baby Eileen got medication last night when she arrived, and she got new medication today at the vet. If we do not see a big improvement in the next two days, she will be heading in for hospitalization at UGA.

This intake was completely unexpected and unplanned, but Eileen needed us immediately. If you'd like to donate towards her emergency visit, formula, onesies, or diapers - please donate below or through any of the links in our bio!
Building trust with a spicy babe... 🥹
Do you see how she just melts at 1:20? 😭 

Today was a little rough for this sweet girl, but we are already seeing some slight skin improvements with oral antibiotics. The redness is already going down and she is scratching significantly less. 

Soon, we can soothe her skin topically, but that takes a level of trust that she's not quite ready for. Can't blame her for that, so we have to respect her boundaries right now, and make sure she feels comfortable and safe with us. She has a vet appointment later this week, and we will still be moving forward with transferring her to a university hospital. Joseph and I are both sick with a weird stomach bug, so the trip will just be a few more days. 

Carolina said spicy girl sat at the gate and cried quite a bit this morning, and we have no doubt that she is still looking and calling for her Mia. I doubt they've ever been separated before, and we are already learning a lot from observing her behavior. Things that are very telling and heartbreaking. It's very apparent that's she's never experienced human kindness and (based on her bathroom habits) we doubt she has had access to the outdoors for quite some time. She is very, very cautious...

Slow and steady is the only way to move forward. 

We received Mia's preliminary autopsy reports this afternoon, and it was pretty heavy news... if we are feeling a little bit better, we will try to make a video tomorrow, and share the findings with you all. I'm going to post on Patreon tonight with a quick update as well. Thank you all for your love and support. ❤️🙏🐽
We've gotten a ton of questions on how we do pedicures without a lift! Heres a few tips for the big kids, and we will make a video next round of little pig flips we do for pot-bellied pigs.

Every time you interact with your pig residents, touch their feet! Even if it's just briefly. Starting when they are young is even better, but always respect their boundaries. Getting them in the zen zone with a tummy rub is your best opportunity to free a hand to touch their hooves. You're looking for cracks and chips in the hoof (nail) and you will then feel the bottom of their pad with your hand. It should be relatively smooth, with no major tears or injuries. You will know if there's an infection from the smell, so no need to always have a visual on the bottoms! Start with nippers, and trim extremely cautiously.

If there are tears, hoof conditioners are available. If there are cracks, hoof hardeners are also available that you can paint on. *Hoof conditioner and nippers will be posted in highlights.*

If you can only trim the hooves and will not be able to dremel or buff, that's still great progress. Excessively long hooves can lead to a host of problems including uneven joint wear, arthritis, lameness, infection, and stress fractures. By cutting down length, you can help to maintain mobility and comfort... and there are a lot of tricks you can implement to cut back of the required maintenance.

Allowing the pigs to have daily access to concrete pads will help them maintain their hoof shape. We will be pouring concrete pads at all of our water stations and also spreading some around the property at feeding stations. You can also pour concrete in front of their doorways, so there is that guaranteed contact every morning and night.

These tips are only for those who are keen on observing behavioral changes in animals and who are interacting with large pigs on a daily basis.

Oh yeah, and maybe - don't wear crocs. That's really stupid of me. A pig stepping on your foot will break bones. 😆
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