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Pam Jones


🌻Jesus🌻Cloth Diapers🌻Crochet🌻 🌷Gardening/Homeschooling SAHM of 6🌷


2023Temp Blankie Progress

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Mini French Square

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Replying to @daphneemarquismar there are so many variables to that. i use 12 colors and when I started, I simply got one of each color and replaced as needed. only had to replace two last time. this time I needed to replace at least 3. it will depend on how many colors you use, what pattern you use, the weather, etc 🙂
Replying to @loveforallthepeeps I got a massive bottle because it's been my favorite thing to use to bring relief. I usually use garden sleeves over my arms after applying so I don't goo everything lol
Replying to @elyssa.loves.crafts vacation? what is that? 🫠🙃 but seriously I just log while I'm gone and catch up when I'm home. my square doesn't take long at all so falling behind isn't all that intimidating 😊
Replying to @thewildcloset I know what you mean! it took me a decade to finally make one! mostly because I kept forgetting and was easily overwhelmed by the project. I still can't believe I finally did it last year lol
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