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Gabby B.


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I spent 3 weeks in Jordan and loved every minute of it. And as a solo, Black female traveler, that is rare honestly. So this is my love letter to the money of Jordan 🇯🇴 💌

🧕🏽 To the women at Beit Khairat Souf who despite the language barrier shared beautiful moments with me and begged me to take tons of photos in traditional Jordanian clothes– it warmed my heart and was a beautiful introduction to Jordanian hospitality!

🧕🏽 To the female owner of Beit Sitti who taught me to flip my maghlouba, to make Jordanian dishes, and the importance of food as communion in Jordanian culture.

🧕🏽 The female volunteers working at Madaba’s Archaeological Site preserving Jordan’s art and history.

🧕🏽 To the women artists at Madaba’s Handicraft Center Mosaic Workshop who talked to me about learning to do mosaic art to support themselves and their families.

🧕🏽 And to the many women in passing who welcomed me to Jordan, wanted to learn about me, shared their own stories, helped me shop, and who made me feel safe in a new country:

Thank you. You added a level of comfort and beauty to Jordan I never imagined


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