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Replying to @Ashley absolutely, your #stylelanguage should mirror the great evolutions of your life. However, just like your personality can can ebb and flow depending on who your around and where you are, you Style language can do the same. These ebbs and flows dont mean YOU have changed. Its all still a part of you. More info at mystylelanguage.com #stylewords #personalstyle
Replying to @Christina you MUST figure out what you love about it in order to truly discover your style language. You can always use 70s as a Style word that helps you express yourself but focusing on aesthetics or trends alone will leave you high and dry in a few years time. #stylelanguage #stylewords #personalstyle
Replying to @Ali Campbell #stylelangauge one on one. Do you guys like these? Is he hearing me work through it with one person, as an example, helpful to you? #stylewords #personalstyl
Replying to @Fashion Geekery our “crushes” can be people any age, and gender any anything. Its about recognizing an energy we love in them because its nost likely an energy you love in you too. #stylelanguage #stylewords #personalsyle
When figuring out your #stylelanguage , make sure to use the phrase “I want to feel” instead of “I want to look.” It’s an important shift that will allow you to focus more on the #energy than the #aesthetic .
MYSTYLELANGUAGE.com #stylewords #personalstylebuilding #personalstyle #personalstylejourney
Your #stylelanguage is simply about creating a checks & balance system that ensures you’re always feeling like your best self. Once you unlock your style language, you can use it as a cheat code to make decisions about what to buy, how to do your hair and make up, how to style your outfits, etc. More info on mystylelanguage.com ##personalstylejourney ##personalstyle ##personalstyling ##stylewords
MUST DO DIY!! Todays #DIY is one of my all time favorites. Were making no-sew boot covers that turn your ankle boots into the perfect knee-high boot. This is totally custom to your leg size and height. All you need is some faux, leather and fabric glue! Watch the video on YouTube - The DIY Designer #diyfashion #diyproject
Replying to @K. Lorena • Self-Love Coach uncovering whether someone or something is a #stylecrush or an #energeticcrush is the most important step in this process. You are gravitating towards someone for very particular reason, and you have to uncover why. Once you understand why, you will better understand what you actually want to communicate through your own style.
Check out the course - mystylelanguage.com #stylelanguage #stylewords #personalstyle
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