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When I got engaged, I had no idea where to start or what to do.

I wasn’t shooting weddings yet, so I had no vendor contacts or any idea how to find people who wouldn’t scam me. I posted on Facebook groups (yikes) and tried to get an idea of general pricing from the hundreds of people who commented. I got on Instagram and looked through hashtags. I googled and mostly found companies that felt cold and impersonal, whose price point I personally couldn’t justify.

Then I found the right photographer.

I found someone who made it all click for me. They walked me through what came next, made it clear how they could help me, and whose work really spoke to me. The second I got on her page I knew she was the right fit for us. She felt like someone I could actually be friends with IRL, but I also didn’t feel so confused anymore: I had someone I could ask, who I knew had the answer.

She was so, so valuable to me.

When I transitioned into wedding photography, that was something I remembered. I want to be that same person for you.

You don’t realize how much time you’ll actually spend with your photographer until day of.

I’m literally with you all day long. I’m a fly on the wall for your biggest moments. I’m the only one who gets to see your fiancé cry. I’m the first one to see you in your dress. (@mckenzie_bigliazzi actually buttoned me up and helped me with my veil, something I’ve done for my own clients since.)

It’s just not the place to cut corners. Times are tough and investing in a vendor is scary. But what’s scarier is getting to your wedding and feeling like the weirdo photographer you hired has to third wheel all day.

Pick someone you actually like.

I’m booking weddings for 2024 ⬇️
Click the link in my bio if you’re looking for a photographer to take white tea shots with after your ceremony

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Photographer green flags

In a sea of photographers hoping for your attention, use these tips to help find someone who won’t ghost you or stress you out. This is the biggest day of your life - you definitely want someone you can trust!

-> Research your photographer’s past work and make sure they can work on different situations. You don’t want to have a cool, lowlight venue and a photographer who isn’t able to capture it.

-> Your photographer probably wants to talk to you. There should be a starting price listed on their website so you get a general idea of their pricing, but they may not quote you until you get on a call. There are a ton of factors that go into your wedding day, but I honestly just want to know I connect with the couple I’m gonna be spending so much time with.

-> You always want to go with a vendor who sends you a contract and an invoice with a way to pay. Never send someone a payment through Venmo or another app, especially without a contract written out that you both sign.

-> Your vendors should have a backup plan for if they can’t make your wedding day. If you ask about this before booking them, they should be able to answer this question. I have it written in my contract that I would find a trusted replacement photographer for your wedding and would still edit and deliver your photos.

-> I always check in with my couples throughout their engagement, even if they don’t have an engagement session in their package. I just want them to know I’m there and there’s no chance I’d ghost them.

I’m booking weddings for 2024 -
click the link in my bio to send me an inquiry or follow for more wedding content / to be friendsss

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