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Lesley Logan @ OPC


Pilates tips, workouts and exercise flashcards! Get my free 3 day mat workout ⬇️

Las Vegas is getting ready for Formula 1 in a big way! Here’s 3 reasons (there are sooo many more) that F1 drivers should be doing Pilates.

✅Injury Prevention
✅Core Strengthening
✅Endurance Training
✅Strengthens the entire body
✅Creates Flexibility
✅Improves Stamina
✅Strengthens Mind/Body Connection
✅Improves Focus

One of my favorite things about Pilates is how much it can help us cross train for the sports we love. So, whether you’re a F1 driver or a weekend warrior adding a Pilates workout to your movement routine is going to balance your imbalances.

Here’s a few Mat exercises you can start with today:
⚡️Roll Up
⚡️Single Leg Circle
⚡️Rolling Like a Ball
⚡️Single Leg Stretch
⚡️Double Leg Stretch
⚡️Criss Cross
⚡️Single Leg Kick
⚡️Double Leg Kick
⚡️Thigh Stretch
⚡️Shoulder Bridge
⚡️Side Leg Kicks
⚡️Push Ups

Want to know how to do these? Check out my free workout series. Or hit up my free tutorials!

xx~LL 💋
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