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2023 TikTok


On Gossamer Wings


Fairy wing designer and maker Website: fairy-wings.com

Gather round fellow dreamers, for a closer look at the mesmerizing fairy wings that adorned our very own @tallglassofcline at @secondstarevents Neverland Ball last night! Brace yourselves for a tale woven into the very frame of the wings, where each flutter carries us between the enchanting realms of London and Neverland. 劾
突 On the left wing, a whimsical dance as the story unfolds in London! Children soar gracefully in front of Big Ben, Peter Pan guides Wendy through an open window, and mischievous Tinkerbell admires herself in a mirror. Its a snapshot of childhood wonders and timeless adventures in the heart of the city. 儭
Now, let your imagination soar to the right wing, where Neverlands magic takes flight! 氯儭A flying pirate ship dances amidst clouds of pixie dust through starlit skies filled with dreams and adventure, curious mermaids playfully peek from the lagoon, and Captain Hook attempts a daring escape from the ever-ticking Tick-Tock Croc. The Second Star to the Right, a constant celestial companion, guides the way on both sides of this fantastical journey. 氯儭
Sarah, you were the living, breathing fairy tale at the ball, bringing both worlds to life! 恫
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