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Elizabeth A (author of FIBBED)


Writer and artist. My graphic novel: FIBBED available online and in stores now!



Yesterday was Earth day. I remember actually really loving nature when I was younger. Back then, I was always outside playing and getting to know the earth. In class, we'd make "dirt" out of cookies and cream, and then we'd learn how to grow seedlings. What changed? We stopped going outside, and instead spent time on screens. And in doors, the only times I'd be reminded of nature would be pesky bugs and clever spiders. Later on, I visited my family aboroad and I was reminded of how much nature plays a part in our every day and the indigenous culture in which I come from. And when I took an ecco art class in college, I started to reflect on that fractured connection I have with the plant. Those journeys inspired why I wrote and illustrated FIBBED. Whether its big or small ways, we can all play a role in environmental stewardship and cultivating the connection we have to nature and our communities. #environment  created by Elizabeth A (author of FIBBED) with Sparky Deathcap's September (Instrumental)
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