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Replying to @thatguy198614 ANT1FA is more or less a loose network of people who hate fa$cists...Sure their might be random local people who group together & label their little thing as ANTIFA but theres no actual organization. It's a movement and ideology that disagrees with fa$cism...there's no headquarter...or leader to a movement that hates fascism, it just exists as it does. #antifascist #texasleftist #leftiktok
In 2021, President AMLO apologized to the Yaqui, Maya, and other indigenous people for the atrocities committed against them by the state of Mexico. But why? After Mexico gained it's independence, in 1821, Mexico enacted the Treaty of Córdoba, which proclaimed indigenous people within its borders were Mexican citizens. In 1829, President Vicente Guerrero abolished slavery. Despite this, the Mexican slave trade continued and was reinstated as "debt bondage". A debt many would never be able to repay and lost their lives trying to. Under Porfirio Diaz, the economy thrived through mining, exporting cash crops, and business deals with foreign investors who were able to buy large plots of land. Much of this land belonging to indigenous communities that the government wanted out. Many were sold for a few cents, w/ some being shipped to the Carribean. The Yaquis, who were resilient to the control of the Spanish & Mexican government for centuries, were either sold,or unalived, and forced to work the henequen plantations in the Yucatan alongside the Maya, and other indigenous people, or to the sugar plantations & tobacco fields in Oaxaca. Thus opening up their lands for colonial expansion. Families were separated and sold to the owners of these plantations. They worked from before sunrise all the way to sunset with only one meal and a ball of maiz to sustain their energy. They were guarded at night to ensure none could run away and many were beaten & whipped in front of other workers. Many did not survive the journey to these plantations nor the work itself. Those who managed to escape often lost their lives from starvation & dehydration due to the remote locations. Young girls were often sold into s3cks tr@ fficking rings. Women were not allowed to marry men from their tribes. The "lucky ones" were sold to houses, as servants and maids, where their debt was often able to be repaid and were set free. Much of this treatment, along with that of the rural populations, and Diaz's refusal to step down, helped contribute to the start of the Mexican Revolution. #mexicanhistory #nativehistory #casatiktok #nativetiktok #colonization #mexicantiktok #yaqui #maya #oaxaca #yucatan
#stitch with @change_the_system1 Just a rant to open up discussion! I think our country overall is growing more progressive and it's going against the status quo. Thus the surge of oppressive and regressive legislative actions by old racist men and incels. #poitics #leftisttiktok #millennials #genz #genzmillennial #votersuppression #heritagefoundation
Replying to @lunarsails The Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal was a huge data breach from a British political consulting firm and sold to U.S. political campaigns #themoreyouknow #tiktokcongress #databreach #privatedata #datamining #savetiktok
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