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✨the web’s original weird wedding blog✨ Est. 2006 💒 Formerly Offbeat Bride



What’s the wedding industrial complex? Had to bring this vid back since somehow in 2023 we’re still bombarded by it. 😓

Short version, the wedding industrial complex is a massive industry built to get you to spend money (and lots of it) on your wedding.

For me, it’s when society shames folks for not meeting “standard” wedding expectations- “GASP! You’re not wearing white?”

It taps into our insecurities- “Maybe it’s more traditional to walk down the aisle with dad even though I’d rather go solo. I wouldn’t want to make guests uncomfortable.”

It pressures us to spend money on things we don’t give a shit about- “Damn, I don’t even like cake but I guess we need to buy one anyway.”

Full transparency, yeah Offbeat Wed is part of the Wedding Industrial Complex. But we’re not in this game to pressure you into spending money and time on things that don’t matter to you. We’re here to make sure you’re exposed to all sorts of wedding ideas so you can feel empowered you to have your wedding your way, with whatever you want on whatever budget.

You can read up on our take of the WIC. Just Search “wedding industrial complex” on the Offbeat Wed blog.

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Who decided sharing wedding photos has an expiration date?! I love plastering my wedding photos everywhere whenever I get the chance!

@vista gave me some great inspo for ways to look at my wedding photos that don’t involved a giant heavy portrait over our mantel. I loved how they seamlessly fit into our minimalist/nomadic lifestyle.

How are you bringing your wedding photos into your everyday life?

#vistaprintpartner #weddingphotos #weddingphotosideas #postwedding #postweddingblues
Her reaction 😅 I made these bad bois at @vista . Search “funny valentines for friends” on the Offbeat Wed blog and use code CUPID for 30% off photo gifts for Valentine’s Day!
“I’m weird as heck, what if my wedding photog doesn’t get me?” BESTIES THIS WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT BE A PROBLEM WITH @Jen Shu , have you seen the weddings she’s shot?!

Find Weirdo Weddings aka Pinklight Images in the Offbeat Wed Vendor Guide (link in bio) to see all the delightfully wacky and wonderful weddings she’s done!

Psst, Jen’s booking for 2023! Get $100 off your photography package if you’re as offbeat as she is (if you follow us, you probably are 😜). She’ll even travel to YOU wherever your wedding is (bonus points if Blue Man Group is there too). 💙

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The last reason isn’t *practical* but it’s fun! What are some other practical reasons for Save the Dates?

We partnered with our friends at
@vista to bring you all things wedding that are just as unique as your offbeat ideas!

Link in bio to learn why Save the Dates might be right for you. Oh, and here’s 10% off your entire cart plus FREE shipping on Vistaprint orders over $100+ with code TAKE10

#weddingadvice #2024weddingplanning #savethedates #offbeatbride #offbeatwedding #nontraditionalwedding #weddingplanningtips #budgetweddingtips
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