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What does it mean to freeze your eggs?

Now, freezing your eggs is a form of fertility preservation

Every month, regardless of whether you're trying to get pregnant or not, our bodies are recruiting hundreds of eggs. Typically, dominant selection will take over and we'll ovulate one.

The rest of those eggs are just gone forever. Fertility preservation, or egg freezing, tries to take advantage and capture some of those eggs that we were never going to use for your future use.

It typically starts with the beginning part of your menstrual cycle, either your spontaneous cycle or we can time things with the pill. It does involve giving yourself injections.

Now these injections contain a synthetic form of what our brain produces: FSH & LH that act on the ovary to grow eggs.

So by giving yourself these injections, hopefully instead of growing just one follicle this month, maybe your body will grow 10 11, 12–depending upon your ovarian reserve.

Now, over the course of 10 to 12 days, you're giving yourself these injections and you're being carefully monitored by your doctors with bloodwork and ultrasound.

Once you're ready and we feel like the eggs are appropriately grown, you'll get a trigger shot at a specific time, followed by the procedure, which we call the egg retrieval.

Now, this is an ultrasound guided procedure in which a needle is placed through the vagina, into the ovary to take the eggs out. However, it's typically done under anesthesia, so you're not in pain during the procedure and you wake up shortly after! Reach out if we can help or you have Qs.
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