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🧖🏻‍♀️ 🪴Like skincare, but for your plants.  I can’t be the only one who does this. Did you see the steam on the mirror? Imagine how happy these plants are with all that humidity. 😌  I don’t use humidifiers for my houseplants, but once in awhile,  I’ll stick them in one of our bathrooms before and after we (my family and I) shower.  When everyone’s done showering, I move the plants to the bathtub, and close all doors so they can GO CRAZY with the HUMIDITY.  I collect them in the morning and put them in an area where they can receive morning and afternoon light. I’ve done this for 5 nights straight, and a new leaf finally popped out of my Thai Constellation after almost a year of not doing shhh… lol Try it and lmk what you think.   #plantcare #plants #planthack #humidity #planttips #newgrowth #newleaf #skincare #skincareroutine  created by Melissa with 's Interstellar
Replying to @HumbleConfidence Thanks for asking. 🥰Here’s an update on my Monstera Albo. She takes her sweet time, but each new leaf is gorgeous!

#monstera #plantupdate #plantmom #plantcare #planttok
Replying to @plantblerd My kids and I were sad when the eggs were gone.

@oc.plant.mama ⬅️👀Check out my other video on how I propagate Tradescantias in soil.

#storytime #tradescantia #dove #bird #nature #plantsoftiktok #plantrescue #plantmom
Replying to @biancaharo4 Check out the linked video for the original…

So Cal had a colder than usual winter, sometimes dropping in the 30s, which caused cold damage to many of my outdoor plants.
This rubber tree did alright, with just a few leaves here and there that were damaged from the colder than normal temps.
With Spring here, I anticipate lots of new growth in the near future!
Side note: I haven’t been active on TT lately. I’ll post on here once in awhile, but you can find me on IG, too.… same handle @oc.plant.mama . I still post about plants, but also random shituff as well. ✌🏼
#plants #plantupdate #plantcare #plantmom #rubberplant #ficuselastica #plantsoftiktok
Replying to @xxxxxxxxx516 Hi everyone! Check out my Plumeria Playlist to see how these started and check back on updates, especially in the Spring.
Long story short, most of these were gifted to me by my kind neighbors. 🥰🙏🏼 They gave me an abundance of cuttings. My mother in law follows me on Instagram (same handle @oc.plant.mama 😉) and she saw a reel I did on Plumerias. She immediately texted me and asked if she can have some cuttings. Lol. I gave her a 3 big pots of them later on that week!
It’s Winter, but it’s So Cal, so they’re still doin work! They’ve all rooted except for that one I tried propagating in spaghnum moss.
Check back in the Spring! These are definitely going to bounce back and grow more leaves… if I’m lucky, maybe I’ll be surprised with more blooms. #plumerias #plantcare #zone10 #plantmom #tropicalplants #plantsoftiktok #plantsplantsplants #plantas #plantita #propagation @oc.plant.mama
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