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πŸš—Customβ€’Automotiveβ€’LightingπŸ’‘ www.OrganizedGarageStatus.com

We’ve been involved in this project for quite some time now. Like since 2021. We focused on a few other parts prior to this. After we got those out of the way, and the other put behind this, we finally had a chance to sit and figure this one out.

I don’t know when did we become known for building lights with carbon fiber parts, but it’s really caught up with us. It is a pain in the you know what to create carbon fiber parts. I personally hate, sanding and painting. I wish it’s something I can outsource, but nobody is willing to pick up on the kind of parts we make because of how intricate the details are and how small the parts is, and quite frankly I can’t blame them. It is not fun.

We tried different approaches on doing the carbon fiber on these tail lights. We first tried skinning it and making molds. It was way too much work for something that would turn out sub quality. We had to settle with machining carbon fiber plates as inserts instead, which was 100x easier and better looking overall.

These cores are also an issue on its own. The lights were sealed together with urethane sealant aka permaseal. This glue or sealant softens at a very high temperature and cools very quickly as well. The lenses deformed and melted at a lower temperature than usual to top it off, and the back casings are hard plastic instead of the usual hdpe thermoplastic. We went through 3 cores to figure all of these out also at a time when we had supply chain issues, (yes, we’ve been building these since then) and we had to order the lights from Australia where they were charging $500 to ship them to the US.

We also had some communication issues with our client regarding how he wanted the boards to function and arranged, so we redesigned and printed the LED boards 3 times until we got to this version. This is why it is very important to be as specific as possible when explaining the design you have in mind to us.

OGClient @srqsoarer

Ask us about our installment options! Contact us through email to discuss custom builds for any year, make & model vehicle. All contact info available in bio. Simple questions may be answered through DM, no price quotes or design drafts through DM. Thank you!πŸ‘¨πŸ½β€πŸŽ¨πŸ’‘πŸ
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