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Nushama Wellness


Ketamine-assisted Therapy📍NYC Medically-supervised journeys for mood disorders✨

5 reasons why ketam*ne is a great alternative to SSRIs ⬇️

1️⃣ Root Cause Medicine

Ketam*ne goes beyond symptom management and aims to address the root cause of mental health challenges. Unlike SSRIs, which may mask the pain temporarily, ketamine therapy delves into the source of emotional distress, offering potential long-term relief.

2️⃣ Emotional Expression

Psychedel*c therapies, like ketam*ne, encourage emotional expression rather than suppression. It provides a chemical key to unlock inner emotions and insights. This process facilitates profound healing and personal growth.

3️⃣ A Personalized Approach

Ketam*ne-assisted psychotherapy acknowledges the uniqueness of each individual's struggles. With a tailored treatment plan, including integration, ketam*ne guides members toward their inner healer.

4️⃣ Non-Addictive Nature

Unlike SSRIs, ketam*ne has not been shown to be physically or emotionally addictive. It’s therapeutic benefits promote self-awareness and may even aid in reducing dependence on other substances.

5️⃣ Holistic Transformation

Ketam*ne's effects extend beyond the immediate treatment period, often leading to a positive shift in perspective and lifestyle. As members reconnect with their inner voice, the integration of insights fosters lasting personal growth.

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Nushama is not advocating any action in violation of federal or state law, the Controlled Substances Act, etc. This post is for informational and educational purposes only.

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When traditional treatments for anxiety just aren't working, people are turning to a different approach.

Legal, off-label ketam*ne therapy for mood disorders.

Studies have shown that when used in a controlled and safe environment with proper support, it can be a powerful treatment tool.

Our unique approach is designed to heal pain and trauma with compassion, provide relief, and help to achieve a lasting sense of inner peace.

If you or someone you know is…

✨Living with emotional and mental “dis-ease”

✨Feeling blocked, stuck, or down for days or weeks at a time

✨Lacking a sense of purpose or engaging in self-destructive behaviors

This could be the new tool to explore that might benefit you or someone you care about.

The information presented pertains specifically to ketamine therapy when used in a supervised medical setting as part of a therapeutic treatment plan. We do not endorse, promote, or encourage the recreational use of ketamine or any other substances. The content is intended to educate and inform about the potential benefits of ketamine therapy when administered by qualified healthcare professionals and should not be construed as an endorsement of non-medical or recreational use.

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