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Nurture The West


📸 : “Iyabo ‘Mesa Pisa’ Serikali ✨ https://linktr.ee/nurturethewest?fbclid=PAAa

Thank you @Kitten Black for sharing your experience at the 5/11 ✨ “Rhythm N’ Breathe”✨ FOLLOW FOR MORE TESTIMONIALS #fyp #wellness #blackwellness #nurturethewest #ntw2022 #yoga created by Nurture The West with Nurture The West’s original sound
Our first #RhythmNBreathe session was a success! As a wellness initiative, we strive to bring a sense of healing made for us by us 🤎✨ learn more at www.dj bombshell.com/ntw #nurturethewest @djbombshell @dnasti_ @breketagoodwin
The team at Nurture The West is so excited for our upcoming 2023 programming! We wanted to take this time to further educate our community and provide a greater understanding of what we do and why. Starting in February, we are allowing free access for Westend residents to all our future events, classes, and workshops. This is to ensure programming and resources are truly accesible for the Westend community. As mentioned in our infographic above, we are NOT excluding anyone from participating or experiencing all that NTW has to offer, we actually encourage the expansion of wellness through NTW in the greater Louisville area; we just want to be adamant about primarily uplifting and nurturing Westend communities and it’s residents.

We understand that within the wellness industry (and not solely in Louisville) many spaces have intentionally and unintentionally excluded black bodies, indigenous practices, and pushed for wellness that is benefited and capitalized for only a select group of people. We at NTW want to make sure we are not projecting a similar experience, but truly allowing access to communities who haven’t had the same opportunities. We want our allies to understand that performative allyship and corporation goes beyond attendance, and liking post, but supporting our communities financially, supporting and uplifting black yogis + practitioners and supporting the advancement of wellness within Westend communities without complete infiltration or gentrification 🫶🏾


Our February Yoga sessions are underway! We are so happy to say, due to attendance we have added a sign-up sheet! This will be first come, first serve, so if you or anyone else you know is interested in attending our morning sessions at the Shawnee Library, fill out the sign-up sheet with the link in our bio! There are only 8 reserved slots , so make sure to sign-up sooner rather than later!

FEB Dates - the first and third Tuesday!

02/07: 10:30-11:30am lead by @breketa_goodwin, co-lead by @mayab1ack

02/21: 10:30-11:30am lead by @yogishavaun, co-lead by @mayab1ack

All donations can be sent to
@djbombshell - $djbombshell and @djdnasti $deejaydnasti
#wellnesswednesday ✨✨CHECK OUT A BOOK! Do you have a library card? No problem. Go to your local branch (SHAWNEE) and register for a new card. We are proud to collaborate with LFPL which offers root solutions to modern problems. Waiving all fees gives marginal families the opportunity to utilize FREE resources. Wait until you find out what that card offers 😉 Stay tuned. #booktok #wellness #nurturethewest #wellnessinitiative #blackyoga
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