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Loading the best route ever. Which is your favorite? created by nplus1_cycling with nplus1_cycling's original sound
We accidentally stopped by to meet the guys from
#guavabikes and it turned into a real ride.

Our verdict:
The boutique location is top-notch (both literally and figuratively),
The bikes are top-notch with cool design, comfortable fit, and a choice of SRAM components.
Coffee gets a 10/10 rating.

By the way, speaking of coffee, we're looking forward to the traditional Sunday coffee ride in Barcelona. See you ……
N+1 On Tour

Episode 2: The Traka Itself

Waking up in our makeshift campsite, we shook off the morning dew, donned our
#isadoreapparel suits, and headed to the start line of #thetraka 100.

The Race
A mass start, narrow cobblestone streets gave way to gravel roads, descents gave way to climbs, a brief respite, a sip of water from the bottle, and back in the saddle. In these moments, you especially appreciate the high-tech #isadoreapparel clothing that effectively wicks away moisture and excess heat.

Finish with a Support Group
The finish gates on the horizon opened up our second wind, and we sprinted to the finish. Waiting for us at the finish line was a support group led by @Nastia — wife and children embracing their dirt-covered dad. It was amazing to take off our cycling shoes, feel the fatigue in our legs, and experience a deep love for gravel racing.

In the next episodes:
The evening after the race, saying goodbye to Girona, and the journey home.
On Tour
Episode 1: The Adventure Begins

On to Girona
On Saturday morning, the N+1 team, equipped with
#isadoreapparel , loaded up the N+1-mobile and set out for the Barcelona-Girona route.

Witnessing the Finish Line
We arrived at @thetraka just in time to witness Paul Voß win The Traka 200, followed by Mattia de Marchi, who was crowned the winner of @thetraka 360. After receiving our starter packs, we headed to #pasnormalstudios and #hutchinsoncycling for a beer and to chat in anticipation of the upcoming race.

As the sun began to set, we arrived at the mountains to set up camp, grill sausages, prepare for tomorrow’s race in #isadoreapparel , and sleep on the roof of the N+1-mobile.

Coming up in the next episodes: Racing downhill, scorching sun, fashion scrutiny, and the return to Barcelona.
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