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Oklahoma City police captain James Matthew French asked Sgt. Christopher Skinner to turn off his bodycam multiple times when he was pulled over for suspected drunk driving. French had reportedly been swerving and speeding prior to the stop on March 12. French continued to ask Skinner to turn off his camera as he was given a field sobriety test, which he struggled to complete. The Oklahoma City Police Department released the bodycam footage and said it will look into the incident internally once the criminal investigation has been conducted. #news #police #oklahoma #oklahomacity #dui #nowthis created by nowthis with nowthis's original sound
#TaylorSwift is back on tour, and Swifties everywhere are wondering if they want to see the concert spoilers that are all over TikTok, or avoid them so it’s a surprise when they see the show #erastour #harrystyles #loveontour #nowthisnews #spoilers #celebrity
A #RedBull pilot successfully landed on a tiny 88-foot helipad atop a #Dubai skyscraper. Unlike a traditional runway spanning 8,000 feet with plenty of guidance for pilots, Luke Czepiela was able to land the plane based only on practice and instincts. ✈️
It’s been 12 years since the ongoing crisis in Syria started. @lizzza partnered with @refugees to sit down for an honest conversation with Dania, a Syrian refugee and mother living in Jordan. For refugees like Dania, life is getting harder every year. #Syria12 #WithRefugees #Syria
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