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NorCal Bully Breed Rescue


Official Page - NorCal Bully Breed Rescue. Saving major medical puppies/dogs. 💜


We were just notified about this darling girl who is in need of IMMEDIATE rescue. She cannot wait.

Diamond is a 10 month old French Bulldog who was surrendered to a local shelter for euthanasia. She has a condition known as IMHA and needs a rescue to pull her. She is not available for public adoption because of her condition. If a rescue does not pull her, the shelter will have no choice but to make a very tough decision. They do not have the medical staff available to treat this condition, and they cannot allow her to suffer.

The shelter has reached out to numerous rescues, but unfortunately, none are able to help this sweet girl. The reason for this may be because the treatment for IMHA is quite costly, and rescues are all just barely getting by in this tough economic climate.

What is IMHA?
Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA) is a very serious and life-threatening condition. In essence, this means that Diamonds immune system, which typically fights off invaders and infections, is now fighting her own red blood cells. This results in the red blood cells being destroyed, causing anaemia, as well as inflammation (damage) throughout her tiny body. Her cells are attacking each other and this needs to stop before it kills her.

Diamond will need to be seen by an internist who can closely monitor her. She may need one or more blood transfusions. This disease is treatable with a good outcome but without treatment she will die.

We would love to be able to pull her, but we need your help. We don’t really know what we’re looking at in total for her treatment. It will likely be around $5,000. If we are able to raise these funds, we can pull her into our rescue and get her the care she needs. Unfortunately, we cannot pull her until those funds are raised.

We know how tough things are for everyone right now. We are hoping that maybe you will be touched by her story and be willing to skip coffer tomorrow and donate to Diamond instead. We know that this is a lot of money. We’ve also seen what can happen when hundreds of people make small donations. They add up. And it saves lives.

We hope you see in her what the shelter staff sees.
They are begging for someone to help her.
She’s just a baby at the start of her life.
But she cannot wait.
She is considered extremely urgent.
Diamond needs immediate rescue commitment.

If you’d like to donate so we can help Diamond, please know that we are a 501c3 non profit dog rescue and your donation is tax deductible. We are verified on Facebook, Instagram, PayPal and Venmo.

Here are the quick and easy ways to donate:

💞Venmo link is in our linktr.ee in our bio
💞Paypal is in our linktr.ee link in our bio
💞Credit cards, no problem, that link is in our linktr.ee in our bio above.

THANK YOU in advance for helping us help sweet Diamond. 🙌

Many times when we take on a dog that was surrendered to a vets office for euthanasia because the family could not afford the surgery, we get so many people asking why the family couldn’t just keep their dog. And we get it. It’s a horrible situation, but we usually come in after the dog is surrendered.

As much as we wish we could, we can’t just pay to fix people’s dogs then return them to the owner. We would have been bankrupt long ago if we did that.

But sometimes we get a message that we just can’t ignore. And we feel like the dog staying in their home is the best decision all around. This is one of those times.

We desperately want to help this dog stay with his family. But we need your help in order to do so. He needs IMMEDIATE life saving surgery, and if we are able to raise the necessary funds, we will pay for it.

Please take a moment to read Camo’s story. And if you’re touched by it like we are touched by it, please consider donating towards his care. This family has gone above and beyond to try to help their boy. They’ve depleted their savings. Taken out a loan. Borrowed money. And now he needs one more procedure to save his life, and they simply do not have any more funds.

Camo is a 5 year old American Bully and he’s the love of his moms life. He recently began developing urinary tract stones which were causing a blockage and making it impossible for Camo to pee. They were advised to neuter him to hopefully stop the hormones from creating the stones. They neutered him, but the stones are still being produced.

Camo has had two surgeries to have the stones removed, but recently landed in the ER again unable to pee. The vet where they took him wanted $5k to keep him overnight and monitor him. They did not have that kind of money so euthanasia was suggested.

That’s when the family reached out to us. We suggested that they have them drain his bladder and take him home.

This family has spent nearly $15,000 trying to help their boy. His mom maxed out a credit card and took out a loan trying to save him. She has no more money and zero other options.

We don’t want to take their dog from them just to raise the funds to get him the care he needs. We don’t even have a foster home open even if they wanted to surrender him. We can’t take their dog. We don’t WANT their dog. We want their boy to stay right where he belongs…with them.

Camo is currently at UC Davis with a catheter inserted into his urethra so that he can pee. He’s on pain meds. He will need to have X-rays taken and an ultrasound done to see exactly where the stones are. And if we are able to raise the funds, he will have laser surgery to break up and remove the stones once and for all.

You might be wondering “So what’s different this time than the last two surgeries? And what if it doesn’t work?”

UC Davis Vet Med Teaching Hospital in Davis California, has the most up to date technology in the country. They have diagnostic equipment that will help find stones that may have been missed before, and will ensure that every single one gets broken up and removed. We have no way of knowing for sure, but stones could have been missed during his first two surgeries. They will not be missed at Davis.

The estimate for his stay, his care while he’s there, the X-rays, the ultrasound, and the laser removal of the stones is around $7,000. It could go up a little if he needs to stay longer while we are trying to raise the funds.

We know we can do this. If we all work together, we can make this happen. You have showed up so many times in so many situation for so many different dogs. We know this story will touch your heart’s like it’s touched ours. Let’s get Camo home… for good.

💞Venmo link is in our bio
💞Paypal is in our linktr.ee link in our bio
💞Credit cards, no problem, that link is in our linktr.ee too.
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Yesterday we were notified about this darling girl who is in need of IMMEDIATE rescue. She cannot wait. If we do not act quickly, she will lose her chance of ever walking again.

She was found last weekend lying in the middle of the street…screaming. It is assumed she was hit by a car, but there’s no way to know for sure.

She has obviously been bred recently, as there were still c-section sutures in her abdomen. This is someone’s breeder dog. And she’s been in rough shape for far longer than whatever trauma she recently sustained.

The neurology department at UC Davis has looked at her X-rays and think she is a great surgical candidate. We need to get her in IMMEDIATELY as time is of the essence. They are holding a spot for her. We just need to be able to raise the necessary funds to get her the surgery she needs.

The total quote for the MRI and the surgery is $5,300-$7,700. If we can even raise the low end of the quote, we can get her spot secured and get the process going.

We are so sorry to be having to ask for help, but this cannot wait. She needs immediate rescue commitment and medical attention.
She cannot wait.
She is considered extremely urgent.

We want to get her treated as soon as possible, but we need somewhere for her to go once she’s received her surgery and is discharged from UC Davis.
We will need a foster for her that is able to provide a safe space for her to heal up until she’s eligible for adoption. We named her Bunny 🐰

Ways to donate are in the linktr.ee link in our bio.❤️

Thank so much in advance!!
We simply CANNOT do this without you!!
Without you, there is no us. 💜💜💜
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