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I'm not crying, you're crying 😭 Check out this review from our student, Heather. "I have been searching for this program for the last 4 years not knowing it actually existed. I have come across numerous mentors but none felt trustworthy until I finally found Nicole. Entering the program I had no emergency fund, no clue how to invest, little to no hope that I'd actually get to accomplish my big financial goals, living paycheck to paycheck and feeling defeated with today's economy. Since completing this program: - I now have an emergency fund (that I've actually built up twice because I had an emergency last month and for the 1st time, I had cash available! omg such a win!!). - I now have a clear vision and understanding of where my money is and has been going (Now I'm not living paycheck to paycheck) - I learned how to negotiate with confidence (my phone bill and auto insurance is cheaper now, my banks reimbursed a lot of bank fees) - I now have a roadmap to paying off my credit card debt (which will be paid off within the next 2 months after finding all this extra money!) - I gained so much confidence that I dropped my fear to change careers. In the near future I'll be working in a field that brings me so much more joy and fulfillment! - I had zero knowledge prior to this program but now have an understanding of how to invest - PEACE OF MIND- I now have a positive outlook on my future. I finally have a realistic plan and roadmap to reaching my goals. Because of this program, I WILL BE THE END TO GENERATIONAL POVERTY. Because I know have broken the "paycheck to paycheck" cycle, I have upgraded myself personally but also as a mother. This piece of motherhood is now being fulfilled. I can now teach these tools to my kids and know that as they grow, they will not have to suffer the way I did. I knew this program would change my life and it did. I could cry as I exit. I am so grateful and so humbled to have gained so much knowledge within these 3 short months. My mental and financial situation has been upgraded in such a way, my only choice is to succeed and accomplish all I've ever wanted."
A lot of people think becoming a landlord is a quick path to getting rich, but did you realize many landlords actually lose money, sometimes in the hundreds or thousands every month? Even though rent prices are up, so are housing prices, and in many areas the ability to be profitable when you take into consideration not only the monthly mortgage but property taxes, insurance, maintenance and vacancy are non existent. When I was selling real estate in Toronto I would tell clients looking to buy a rental property that they'd be lucky if they broke even when all was said and done. But many still bought.. why? because they were speculating aka gambling. They thought, who cares if I pay $1000 of my own money into this rental every month, because by next year my property will be worth 100k more and I'll be set. But as we've seen by the falling home prices this is a risky strategy. If you're investing in real estate the appreciation or how much the home goes up in value is the icing, not the cake. The cake is the monthly cash flow. A more common profit per door you own every month is closer to $200. This is why you see people owning 50 rentals, because just owning one is not enough to make a significant difference in your life today. This isn't to say it can't be a good long term investment even if you're only making a couple hundred a month, because in 25 years then you'll have a paid off house free and clear that you can sell, or potentially a couple thousand a month in free cash flow. This is to say though that you're going to need a lot of rentals to make decent money, and if you're subsidizing it with your own pay that you're taking on substantial risk. This is why I generally prefer stocks and REITs, it's completely passive and less personal risk.
Replying to @sbphair1 de-influencing you out of a 400 step skin care routine. I used to use all the expensive skincare products, and I was constantly breaking out. I thought I needed a 400 step routine, when the reality was a lot of those products actually just made my skin worse. Like the EOS lip chap that actually has DRYING INGREDIENTS in it to make your lips more chapped so you use it more. So there's a principal I teach called WPM, or why pay more. Essentially if you can get the same benefit for less, why pay more? Learning this really helped me stop buying expensive things just because I thought they were better, and figured out ways to get the same benefit for less so I could have more money for other things I loved. Instead what I use now is African Black Soap - this bar lasts me like a year and it was only about $20, its all natural and I've never had better skin. I wash once a day with it, be careful when you first start using it because it can be drying, I started with maybe 3x a week. Then I use this Neutrogena oil free cream, and Vaseline on my lips after. I went from spending hundreds a year, to a fraction of that.
If you're feeling lost in life, this is for you. ⁠ ⁠ I'm sharing how I went from stressy and depressy to living my dream.⁠ ⁠ Your job does not define you, it's simply a means for you to make money so you can build your happiness. ⁠ ⁠ You also don't have to follow a path that tells you to buy a house, get married and have kids if you don't want to. ⁠ ⁠ You can do ANYTHING, BE ANYTHING. and this realization scares a lot of people because so many of us don't know who we are independent of the path that's been sold to us. ⁠ ⁠ When new students come into our program, a lot are scared about the investing modules because they think they're going to be hard (they're not), but what I always find is people get STUCK on module 3.⁠ ⁠ Want to know what that is?⁠ ⁠ It's where you break down your goals, your values, your beliefs and your dream life.⁠ ⁠ When people realize they have choices, and that they don't have to follow the traditional life plan (because here's the kicker, most people who do that are NOT FREAKING HAPPY), they freeze.⁠ ⁠ It can feel scary and overwhelming, but guess what...⁠ ⁠ It can also be a beautiful thing, because when you learn that you have CHOICES, you can start thinking about what makes YOU happy. ⁠ ⁠ The only two people you need to impress are you at 8 and you at 80.⁠ ⁠ Ready to build your dream life? I'm here to guide you.⁠ ⁠ Applications to work with me in our 3 month coaching program are open - and this could quite literally be the step that changes everything for you.⁠ ⁠ What are you waiting for?⁠ ⁠
What to do when you feel like you’ve wasted your 20s spending all your money on booze, food and shoes, and you want to get your financial shit together in your 30s - from someone who’s gone from $40k debt to a millionaire at 30. First thing’s first, you’re going to need to start tracking your expenses. So many of our students think they have a handle on what they’re spending on, but through tracking their expenses they saw they were basically giving donations to billion dollar companies by paying for things they no longer use (like subscriptions), and things like overdraft or NSF fees for just not understanding when and how money was going in and out of their account. Next you’re going to start to build an emergency fund. Your credit card is not an emergency fund, it’s simply a tool that you can filter your expenses through to get perks, and protect yourself when you’re buying (some cards have things like purchase protection, which is like an insurance policy for whatever you bought). This should be a minimum 6 months of bare bones expenses. Keep this in a high yield savings account - I make about $100 a month for keeping my savings here. Pro tip: if big goals stress you out, break them down into smaller ones. Instead of thinking you need to save 6 months of expenses, figure out how much you need to save each month or paycheck to keep on track and skip the overwhelm. Third thing you’re going to do is pay off your high interest debt - anything over 6-7% needs to go, but I’d pay off the highest interest rates first. This is called the avalanche method. Fourth thing you’re going to do is start investing for your future - investing isn’t for the rich, it’s how you get rich… and it’s not only how you get rich, but the only real way to build financial safety and security long term. Your roth ira, 401k, rrsp, tfsa, those are not investments. Learning how to invest could build you hundreds of thousands of dollars of wealth with like $50 a month if you put it in the right places. I teach you how to start winning with money 💰 check out our website for more 🤍
Turn yourself into a two income household (or more) by learning how to invest your money. How many of your families have told you "all you need to be successful and happy in life is a good man to take care of you"? It's something I hear from our students all the time. And there's some truth to this statement, which is that the more streams of income you have, generally the better off you are. The same can generally be said about independence and self sufficiency: the more you're able to have, the better off you'll be (because this means freedom - never getting stuck in a situation you're unhappy with because of the money). This is why I learned to invest, so I could make more money and become more independent - and that's what the average millionaire does too (they typically have 7 streams of income, not 7 jobs, but 7 ways they make money). Bonus points for investing: if you do it right, you'll make money while you sleep. If you started investing $350 a month into the stock market at 25, by 60 you could have built up over $1M in free money. This million can provide you with $40k a year in cash flow that you don't have to work for. Want more money sooner? You can invest in dividend paying assets (like REITs or dividend stocks), and you can start getting paid out today. NOTE: If you're just getting started the better option is typically investing for long term growth, however you have to review your current financial situation and goals. Ready to learn more? Check out our website to get started 💸
Stop the negative self talk. Today we're talking about something that I know affects a lot of us ladies: self-deprecation. Now, for those who don't know, self-deprecation is when we put ourselves down, make negative comments about ourselves, and generally have a lack of confidence in ourselves. And let me tell you, it is something that a lot of women struggle with. But why do we do this? Well, a lot of the time it's because we've been conditioned to think that being humble and self-effacing is attractive, and that being confident and self-assured is arrogant or egotistical. This is something that men generally don't have to deal with to the same extent that we do. But let me tell you, this kind of thinking is total bullsh*t. It's time to start loving ourselves and recognizing our own worth. We are worthy of love, respect, and confidence, and it's time to start believing it. So, how do we overcome self-deprecation? It takes time and practice, but here are a few things that can help: Practice self-care and self-love. This means taking care of ourselves physically and emotionally, and reminding ourselves of our own worth. Surround yourself with supportive people who lift you up and encourage you to be your best self. Practice positive self-talk. When those negative thoughts come up, try to counter them with something positive. Take risks and try new things. This can help build confidence and show ourselves that we are capable of overcoming challenges. Learn that there's no such thing as failure, only opportunities to learn and try a different strategy. So ladies, let's start loving ourselves and believing in our own worth. We are amazing and we deserve to feel confident and self-assured. Don't let anyone, including ourselves, tell us otherwise.
Replying to @morgantannerart Ready to take your finances to the next level? Say goodbye to high-priced financial advisors and hello to taking control of your money! 💰 Did you know that using a financial advisor can come with significant costs? According to a study by Vanguard, the average advisor fee for a portfolio with a balance of $250,000 is approximately 1.25% annually. Over time, this can add up to tens of thousands of dollars in fees! If you're in high priced mutual funds, I've seen these as high as 3%!! But, the high fees don't always lead to better results. In fact, a study by Dalbar Inc. found that the average investor who used a financial advisor underperformed the stock market by 3.66% annually over a 20-year period. Meaning you could have made a lot more on your own (for minimal effort). Investing on your own may seem intimidating, but it's not as difficult as it may seem. If you can learn to drive a car, you can learn to invest too! 🚗 Don't take our word for it, check out our free investing masterclass available on our website under FREEBIES. You'll learn how to start investing with confidence and reach your financial goals. Note: If you are going to use a financial advisor, you still need to know how to invest on your own. You need to be able to have the conversations about your money and make sure you are comfortable and confident about your trajectory. If you use a financial adviser make sure you use a fee only fiduciary. It's time to say goodbye to costly fees and hello to financial freedom! #investingtips #financialeducation #moneymoves 💪
STOP ✋️ doing this if you want your kids to be wealthy. I'm a parent to two beautiful boys, and trust me when I say I understand wanting to give them the life I never had. I never want them to stress or worry about money, and that's why I'm taking steps today to set them up for success. Here are 3 things to stop doing: 1. Telling your kids "we don't have the money for that". I know you're coming from a good place, but it sends the wrong message. Our beliefs about money are shaped by the time we're 7 years old, and hearing "we don't have the money for that" can cause feelings of scarcity and lack, which they can carry on into adulthood. Instead teach them values based spending by saying "it's not a prioirty" or teach them the growth mindset and abundance by asking "how can we get the money". 2. Stop saving your kid's birthday or holiday money in the bank. If your savings are sitting in the bank, they're just losing money. Teach your kids that money gets to be easy, and when you put it in the right places it can grow for you. Open up a custodial account or equivalent in your country and start investing on their behalf, sharing the progress with them. 3. Stop saving for your kids if it means forgoing saving for yourself. I know this is coming from a noble place, but you have to put your oxygen mask on first. You can't pour from an empty cup, and what your kids need more than a school fund is a parent who's financially secure. Worst comes to worst you can finance school, but you cannot finance your retirement. If you're ready to start winning with money, I'm your 7 figure mentor here to help you build your dream life. Check out our website to get started with our free trainings 🔥
Someone made a video saying they hate me because I always say it's super easy for everyone to buy a home. Which I found odd because I regularly post about the disparity between home price growth and income stagnation. I also regularly post about the ways our society has failed us, and give education on how to work towards success in a broken system.. I acknowledge and promote personal finance being personal, and that every person's picture of success will look different, because I teach values based spending. I say that traditional budgets keep us stuck because they focus on shame and blame, and that's not what I'm about, and they try to shove everyone into a box of percentages without taking into account who the person actually is. I also say that just because something worked for me, my values, and my goals, it doesn't mean it's the right plan for you. for instance when I moved across the country to Alberta. Did I say everyone should move here? No. But if where you're living isn't serving you or making you happy and is actively keeping you FROM your goals, then ya I do think you should consider leaving. It would be weird to stay put simply because you're already there if you're unhappy, you're not a tree. It's important that we take videos in the context they're provided - which is that they can never be personal recommendations for each and every person in the world. It's impossible. Every person is different. They have different needs, wants, desires, experiences. Personal finance is PERSONAL. Me sharing a strategy that someone could use, or that I used, doesn't mean you should use it. It's simply a place for you to start. Then you can continue researching on your own, because it's impossible to fit every nuance in a social media post. This is education, not advice, and your education does not stop with a 60 second video. If you hate me, that's okay, then I'm not for you. I'm here for the tens of thousands of women who I've helped change their lives for the better.
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