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Metal + Rock label, full videos on YT #TikTokMetal #metalhead #heavymetal #rock

SWANSONG Release Debut Album "Awakening"; Unveil Captivating Single And Music Video "Become"! Watch video and order album from here: https://music.nobledemon.com/awakening

#MelodicDeathMetal band Swansong have released their debut full-length record "Awakening" today via #NobleDemon . Already garnering critical acclaim, this album seamlessly blends the best of 80's and 90's metal with versatile extreme vocals, creating a unique and captivating sound.

Combining the beautiful with the brutal since 2020, #Swansong have never shied away from breaking boundaries. Drawing inspiration from the likes of #DarkTranquillity , 90s #melodeath , death and #blackmetal , as well as #ShadowOfIntent 's modern sound, the band's vocals are a force to be reckoned with. The composition of the album is heavily influenced by iconic bands such as #IronMaiden , #ChildrenOfBodom , and the neo-classical metal of the 80s. These ingredients, combined with kick-ass riffs, will transport you back to the vibes of the golden era of metal, while the Finnish four-piece adds its very own new twist to these elements with low female death growls and high pitched screams.

To celebrate the album release properly, Swansong have unleashed a brand new and captivating #musicvideo for the track "Become". Watch the video here:

"Awakening" is out NOW on Noble Demon and available as colored marbled vinyl, CD digipak or digital release. Furthermore, an exclusive album shirt is also available for the release. Both, the album and the shirt, are available at this location: https://music.nobledemon.com/awakening

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Swedish Black ‘n’ Rollers THE VICE announce new album "Dead Canary Run" and release first single "Grant Me Your Peace"!
Pre-order your Vinyl or Jewelcase CD from here https://music.nobledemon.com/canary

Swedish Black ‘n’ Rollers The Vice are thrilled to announce the release of their highly anticipated new album "Dead Canary Run". The album will be released via Noble Demon on January 19 and will mark the first time in The Vice's history that their music will be available on vinyl.
Enjoy the first single and video "Grant Me Your Peace"!

Building upon the foundations set by their previous work - the band's unique blend of filthy rock, blackened metal, and death-ridden pop - "Dead Canary Run" takes listeners down a deranged path that The Vice has masterfully crafted over the years. With an eclectic mix of genres thriving like never before, the album promises to captivate fans with its raw energy and infectious melodies. While some elements may feel familiar, there are numerous new levels that The Vice has reached with this upcoming offering. Collaborating with an old partner in crime, Joel Öhman, who added his piano skills to a couple of songs, The Vice emerged from studio "Underjord" late this Summer with an album they couldn't be more proud of. "Dead Canary Run" serves as a testament to the band's growth since their recent full-length album "White Teeth Rebellion", showcasing their passion and determination, with their amps cranked up to 11.

In preparation for the album release, The Vice is currently in full rehearsal-mode, gearing up for an exciting lineup of live performances in 2024. While maintaining their signature style, the upcoming chapter of the band promises to be both familiar and completely different - just much better.

With the track "Grant Me Your Peace", The Vice have unleashed the first single today. Save the song to your favorite streaming platform here where you can also pre-order the new studio album: https://music.nobledemon.com/canary

The band comments: "The release of our third album 'Dead Canary Run' is closing in and as a first peek under its skirt we present 'Grant me your peace'. And what better way to introduce a song about obliterating the past?! Drenched in the blood and sweat we've put into this record it takes our mean blend of blackened metal, sinister pop and ferocious rock n roll to new territories once again. So enjoy and keep your eyes out for the full album in a couple of months.“

"Dead Canary Run" will be coming out on January 19 via Noble Demon and is now available for pre-order at this location as Vinyl and CD:

#sludgemetal #typeonegative #danzig #newmusic #metalband #gothicmetal #metalhead #metalvideo #swedishmetal #metalfan #metalvinyl #coloredvinyl #vinylcollection
NIGHT CROWNED - Release new album "Tales"! Marbled Vinyl- / CD-Shirt Bundles available here: https://music.nobledemon.com/tales
Band and label share live video with an excerpt of the new album track "She Comes At Night"!

Following the success of their debut studio album "Impius Viam", released in February 2020, and their highly acclaimed follow-up record "Hädanfärd", released in July 2021, Night Crowned has solidified their place as one of Sweden's best-kept blackened death metal secrets. Comprised of former and current members of renowned acts such as
#DarkFuneral , #Nightrage , and #CipherSystem , Night Crowned possesses a musical vision that is haunting yet clear and with "Tales" the band has released their third full-length album via #NobleDemon today!

This release marks a new chapter for the band as they push the boundaries of blackened death metal to unprecedented levels. With "Tales", #NightCrowned embarks on an auditory assault that defies conventions and redefines the limits of the genre. The album features lyrics in both English and Swedish, allowing listeners to fully immerse themselves in the band's haunting storytelling. Jonathan Thorpenberg's mixing skills put the band's sound on full display, while Jani Stefanovic's mastering ensures that every note is hit with precision.

To celebrate the day in a fitting manner, the Swedish metallers have unleashed a new video with Live Impressions from their recent show in Gothenburg with an excerpt of the new album track "She Comes At Night".

Add the new album to your streaming library and order the beautiful colored red or brown marbled Vinyl or Digipak CD here: https://music.nobledemon.com/tales

Vocalist Ken Romlin about the song: ’’Before we started to work on 'Tales' I wrote down ideas about which entities I wanted to write about. And the Mare was obvious that it needed to get a song, so it became 'She Comes At Night'. This was one of the first songs we wrote for this record."

The band comments on the video:
"We had our friend Marcus over to make a documentary of our gig in Gothenburg. For this video we went with the song ”She comes at Night”. And in this song we really went full on with the folk influences, but it was really important for us to do so without losing our own identity. To have Therése's magical voice in the break just makes the song larger than life. Buy the album to hear the song in whole or stream it on your preferred platform.”

Video filmed and edited by Marcus Wesslen Media.

"Tales" is out now on Noble Demon and available for purchase at this location: https://music.nobledemon.com/tales

#blackmetal #deathmetal #newalbum #matalalbum #newmusic #metalband #metalhead #coloredvinyl
ZORNHEYM - Release New Acoustic EP "The Forgotten Inmates"; Share Video For "Slumber Comes In Time" + New Graphic Novel!
Order here:

Swedish symphonic extreme metal act
@Zornheym , founded and led by multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Zorn (ex-#DARKFUNERAL / ex-Devian), has released its brand new EP, "The Forgotten Inmates".
This acoustic EP marks the next chapter in the band's haunting musical journey. Following the success of their debut album, "Where Hatred Dwells and Darkness Reigns", which introduced listeners to the band's terrifying concept of a mental institution and its prisoners, #ZORNHEYM continued their narrative-driven approach with their 2021 full-length record, "The Zornheim Sleep Experiment". Now, with "The Forgotten Inmates," the band delves deeper into their dark universe!
The EP features a folk version of the track "Slumber Comes in Time," accompanied by a brand new music video. ZORNHEYM's unique take on this song showcases their ability to blend their powerful symphonic elements with folk influences. The main melody, derived from an original Swedish folk song, sets the tone for a chilling experience that immerses listeners in the band's twisted world.
Speaking about the acoustic rendition of "Slumber Comes in Time", ZORNHEYM shared, "We wanted to arrange it in a folk style. The main melody for the song is taken from an original Swedish folk song, so we felt it suitable to rewrite the lyrics in Swedish as well to really lean into the source."

Watch the new video and get your graphic novel + EP here: https://music.nobledemon.com/inmates

ZORNHEYM, however, do not only represent musical talent but also strong visual art that has always surrounded their works, as both albums of the band are accompanied by a stunning graphic novel, in which each chapter takes a closer look at the different inmates of the ZORNHEYM asylum.
While the album's lyrics and the session notes in the booklet served as two parts of the complete story, with the release of "The Forgotten Inmates" ZORNHEYM now deliver the final piece of the puzzle, as the EP comes along with the official graphic novel for the band's latest album "The Zornheim Sleep Experiment", and you will follow Dr. Bettelheim from when he is putting the final touches on his statement of intent till the horrific ending of the experiment.
As on their debut "Where Hatred Dwells and Darkness Reigns" ZORNHEYM have again collaborated with the super talented Finnish artist Anu Saari, who has brought the story to life with her amazing painting skills!

#horrorcomic #comicbook #deathmetal #symphonicdeathmetal #acousticmetal #newmusic #nobledemon #metalhead #newmusicfriday #horrorstory #iceninekills
PLAGUESTORM - New EP "Empty Eyes" out now on #NobleDemon , available here digitally where you can also watch the NEW MUSIC VIDEO now:

Today, Argentinian solo artist Plaguestorm is proud to release his furious new 3 track EP, "Empty Eyes". Founded by mastermind Sebastián Pastor in early 2014, #Plaguestorm has consistently pushed the boundaries of the genre, delivering a unique blend of furious and raging melodies, drawing inspiration from both the old and new Scandinavian sound of Death Metal.

For the release of "Empty Eyes" Pastor is joined by the incredible vocal prowess of Okko Solanterä (#HORIZONIGNITED ) and the masterful drumming skills of Eugene Ryabchenko (#FLESHGODAPOCALYPSE ), along with the talented Diego Martinez.
With such prominent support, Plaguestorm's upcoming offering is set to leave a lasting impact, showcasing his undeniable talent and delivering a sound that will appeal to fans of heavier and melodic sounds.

Listen to the EP's title track in the new music video "Empty Eyes" here:

#deathmetal #metalband #metalvideo #newmusic #newmusicfriday #newmetal #metalhead #melodicdeathmetal #melodeath
NIGHT CROWNED Unveils Music Video For Second Single "Flickan Som Försvann"; "Tales" To Be Released November 10 On Noble Demon! Pre-order / pre-save here: https://music.nobledemon.com/tales

Swedish blackened death metallers Night Crowned have released the second single "Flickan Som Försvann", taken from the band's upcoming album "Tales". Following the successful launch of their first single "De Namnlösa", the band keeps captivating listeners with their mesmerizing blend of dark and atmospheric soundscapes.

Vocalist K. Romlin states: ''Flickan Som Försvann was the first demo I wrote lyrics for. I was inspired by an old Swedish punk song, but I wanted the words to be more graphic, more horrific, almost provocative, and I think I managed to do that. This is by far the darkest lyrics I have ever written."

The track is accompanied by a brand new music video, which you can watch here and save / listen to the single on your preferred streaming service: https://music.nobledemon.com/tales

Night Crowned's upcoming album, "Tales", promises to be a sonic journey that pushes the boundaries of the genre. With their masterful musicianship and evocative storytelling, the band aims to create an immersive experience for listeners, transporting them to a world of darkness and introspection. The band's first single "De Namnlösa" already received widespread acclaim from both fans and critics alike, setting high expectations for the upcoming album. Night Crowned consists of seasoned musicians who have made their mark in the metal scene. The band features members from renowned acts such as Dark Funeral, Nightrage, and Cipher System, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to their craft. With the release of "Flickan Som Försvann"
#NightCrowned continues to solidify their position as one of the most exciting and innovative bands in the melodic blackened death metal genre and fans can expect a captivating and immersive experience when "Tales" is unleashed upon the world.

"Tales" will be coming out on November 10 on #NobleDemon and is available for pre-order at this location: https://music.nobledemon.com/tales

#blackmetal #metalhead #deathmetal #metalband #metalvideo #metalfan #swedishmetal #extrememetal #blackeneddeathmetal
Symphonic extreme metal act ZORNHEYM announces graphic novel version of "The Zornheim Sleep Experiment" and brand new acoustic EP; releases lyric video for first single!
Pre-order your comic book + EP here where you can also watch the new lyric videos: https://music.nobledemon.com/inmates

Zornheym have just announced the graphic novel version of the band’s latest album “The Zornheim Sleep Experiment” and a brand new acoustic EP, entitled "The Forgotten Inmates", which will be released on November 3 via Noble Demon. With the lyric video for the first single "Keep the Devil Away", the band has unleashed a first preview of the upcoming graphic novel today.
The track has been released in an English and a French version and you can watch both versions here: https://music.nobledemon.com/inmates

Founded and led by multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Zorn (ex- DARK FUNERAL / ex- Devian), Swedish symphonic extreme metal act ZORNHEYM quickly grew from an ambitious idea into a dramatic musical and narrative driven concept revolving around the horrors of a mental institution and its prisoners. In 2017, ZORNHEYM officially opened the doors of the asylum with their debut album "Where Hatred Dwells and Darkness Reigns", introducing the terrifying concept and the gruesome characters within. With powerful, cinematic and captivating symphonic extreme metal, the band took the listener under its spell and the story found its disturbing continuation in 2021 with the band's latest full-length record "The Zornheim Sleep Experiment", which you can check out here: https://music.nobledemon.com/zornheym

Two critically acclaimed albums that not only musically respresent the class of ZORNHEYM, but also visually are something quite exceptional, as both records are accompanied by a stunning graphic novel, in which each chapter takes a closer look at the different inmates of the ZORNHEYM asylum. While the album's lyrics and the session notes in the booklet served as two parts of the complete story, ZORNHEYM now deliver the third and final piece of the puzzle with the graphic novel, and you will follow Dr. Bettelheim from when he is putting the final touches on his statement of intent till the horrific ending of the experiment. As on their debut "Where Hatred Dwells and Darkness Reigns" ZORNHEYM have again collaborated with the super talented Finnish artist Anu Saari, who has brought the story to life with her amazing painting skills!

ZORNHEYM about the making of their new EP:
"During the pandemic Zorn and Bendler did some live streaming and played acoustic interpretations of some of our songs. When it was time to record “The Zornheim Sleep Experiment” we decided to record “Whom the Night Brings” as an acoustic version to add as a bonus.

The original plan was to release that bonus track when the graphic novel was done. Due to a pregnancy the graphic novel was delayed. Zorn then remembered that Blind Guardian had released an album with acoustic interpretations of some of their songs in the ‘90’s. To reward our patient inmates we felt that we wanted to record a couple of songs, since the graphic novel took longer than expected to finalize. To thank our French fans that gave us an extra warm welcome on the successful French tour last year we decided to record “Keep the Devil Away” in French as well.

For “Slumber Comes in Time” we decided to make it in Swedish, since it’s based around an old folk tune that the Vallons brought to Sweden during the 1700’s, and base the whole song around that old folk melody."

So put on the release, sit down in your favorite chair and join ZORNHEYM into the depths of the asylum!

"The Forgotten Inmates" (Graphic Novel + EP) is now available for pre-order at this location: https://music.nobledemon.com/inmates

#zornheym #nobledemon #heavymetal #acousticmetal #swedishmetal #metalhead #metalband #metalontiktok
Finnish melodic doom metallers Kaunis Kuolematon have shared the next intense taste of their highly-anticipated sophomore full-length record, entitled "Mielenvalta", which will be out October 13 on Noble Demon. Following the release of the first single "Peilikuva", the band follows up today with a lyric video for the mesmerizing track "Elävältä Haudattu", watch here:

#KAUNISKUOLEMATON on "Elävältä Haudattu" (Buried Alive):
"Briefly summarized. When the love of your life (whether it's your friend or your life partner, still the most important person in your life) has to give up the joy that life brings, and there's nothing you can do about it. The tone of the song and its melodies will lead you through this sad beautiful journey."

"Mielenvalta" will be coming out on October 13 via #NobleDemon and is available for pre-order as Colored Vinyl, Digipak and as Shirt-Bundles at this location:

20.10.2023 Helsinki FI - On The Rocks (Album release show)

photo (C): Salmenhaaran Mari

deathmetal #doommetal #newmusic #finnishmetal #metalhead #darkmetal #metaltok #tiktokmetal #newmetal #metalvideo #metalfan #heavymetal #katatonia
NIGHT CROWNED - Announce New Album And Unleash First Single; "Tales" To Be Released November 10!
Colored Vinyl, CD, Shirt-Bundle Pre-order here where you can also watch the new lyric video for "De Namnlösa": https://music.nobledemon.com/tales

On November 10, 2023, the band's highly anticipated third full-length record will be released, again via the esteemed
#NobleDemon label, which once again has stunningly beautiful colored vinyls, shirt and Digipak CD bundles on offer. With "Tales", Night Crowned embarks on a new chapter, pushing the boundaries of blackened death metal to unprecedented levels. Brace yourselves for an auditory assault that defies conventions and redefines the limits of the genre.
Night Crowned is a force to be reckoned with, and their relentless pursuit of musical excellence shows no signs of waning. With lyrics in both English and Swedish, Jonathan Thorpenberg's mixing skills put the band's sound on full display, while Jani Stefanovic's mastering ensures that every note is hit with precision. So surrender to the darkness and let #NightCrowned guide you through their captivating narratives!

Vocalist K. Romlin on the new video single:
"I had the title for 'De Namnlösa' written down long before the demo was even done. The lyrics tell about an entity called Myling, a ghost of an unbaptized new born child. I really love the story of this entity and that you get that horror touch in the music."

#blackmetal #deathmetal #blackeneddeathmetal #darkfuneral #newmusic #coloredvinyl #vinylcollector
NEONFLY and DRAGONY join forces for headline tour in Mexico!

UK alternative metal act NeonFly is thrilled to announce the band's highly anticipated return to Mexican soil. After a successful debut in the country last year, NEONFLY is ready to be back as headliners, bringing their electrifying energy and infectious melodies to their dedicated Mexican fanbase.

In May 2022, NEONFLY had the privilege of supporting Dutch symphonic metal heavyweights
#Epica during their tour in Mexico. The shows were a resounding success, and NEONFLY immediately formed a deep connection with Mexican audiences. Since then, Mexico has become the band's number one country across all social media and streaming platforms, solidifying their desire to return and give their fans an unforgettable experience.

This year, NEONFLY explored various options to make their way back to Mexico. Initially considering opening for another prominent band, the sustained interest and support from Mexican fans inspired them to take a leap of faith and embark on their first proper headline tour. With a total of 8 dates across Mexico, NEONFLY is set to deliver an extraordinary performance in each city.

Teaming up with the esteemed Mexican agency EA Booking, NEONFLY will join forces with Austrian #powermetal band Dragony, who are set to co-headline all shows.

Dates as follows:
10/19 - León - Rolling House
10/20 - SLP - Bunker 57
10/21 - Monterrey - Café Iguana
10/22 - Torreón - Vértigo
10/26 - Guadalajara - Centro Cultural Calzada
10/27 - Morelia - Jam Bar
10/28 - CDMX - Gato Calavera
10/29 - Querétaro - Club Latino

Tickets: https://arema.mx/@DragonyNeonfly

Guitarist & composer Frederick Thunder expresses his excitement about the upcoming tour, stating, "I’ve known Siegfried from #Dragony for over 10 years. We used to hang out at festivals, and often met up backstage. Our bands have gone through a lot of similar experiences, from booking our own shows and tours respectively in our early days, to supporting the same bands on the road -back in 2015 they supported #GammaRay on the first half of the tour, and then we did the second half of that tour- to organising big and successful crowdfunding campaigns to finance our album recording costs… we’ve been able to help each other out and share advice on so many topics. The only thing we haven’t done yet is actually tour together! So it feels like the right thing to do, and the right moment to do it, and I’m really looking forward to it.

I’m also incredibly excited for #Neonfly to go back to #Mexico as headliners. Before May 2022 we were complete unknowns there, and after just one tour, the response to our music was so enthusiastic that we got this offer and we just couldn’t pass on this opportunity! Being half-Mexican and having partly grown up in Mexico, it really means a lot to me to be able to go back there and see the band grow and be accepted and welcomed so warmly."

NEONFLY has had a stellar 2023 so far, releasing a new #musicvideo in May, then going on to support US metalcore legends Escape The Fate on tour in Germany, and playing a few select festival shows in the UK. They are currently also working on some new music to be released soon.
To already put yourself in the right mood, check out the latest #musicvideo for "Last Of Our Kind" and get the band's latest album "The Future, Tonight" (#NobleDemon ) from here: https://snd.click/neonfly
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