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Noa Tishby


Former Special Envoy for Combatting Antisemitism & Delegitimization of Israel



George Washington University (@GW University ) has a real problem with antisemitism. According to a recent civil rights complaint against the university, Jewish and Israeli students have been subjected to intense discrimination and harassment in a mandatory diversity course taught by Psychology Professor Lara Sheehi. As a result, the United States Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights has opened a Title VI investigation into the claims.

To start, professor Sheehi has called Zionism a psychosis and has said that Zionists can’t be good therapists. On the first day of class, when an Israeli student introduced herself as being from Israel, Professor Sheehi replied, “It’s not your fault you were born in Israel.” … I was born in Israel, so I can say from experience, it’s pretty great to be born there.

Professor Sheehi dismissed Jewish students’ concerns by calling them Islamophobes and implied that they were racists. Professor Sheehi not only turned the class against the Jewish students, she turned the faculty against them too after the Jewish students filed complaints with administrators.

George Washington University has a responsibility to protect its students, but instead, they dismissed the complaints and sent the Jewish students back into the class with their harasser. And it gets worse. The university is now punishing the Jewish students for complaining about racism and antisemitism. The university is forcing the Jewish students to apologize or risk a permanent disciplinary mark on their record while refusing to address the continuous harassment from Professor Sheehi. Why is the university protecting a professor who is so clearly hostile to Jewish and Zionists students?

The university has failed to acknowledge that Judaism is an ethno-religion and that Jewish students are being targeted and discriminated against on the basis of their peoplehood and ancestral connection to Israel. Israel is an inseparable and integral part of Jewish identity even if you don’t like the government. On the eve of GW graduating, the university needs to start taking antisemitism seriously, and protect its Jewish students.
We recently had an amazing opportunity to celebrate both AAPI and Jewish American Heritage Month with some wonderful and brave people. During the event, @Debra Messing shared a powerful story that sadly, too many Jews can relate to. It is time to shed light on these experiences and come together in unity, fostering understanding and acceptance. Thank you, #AndrewYang for putting this together with us. Your dedication to inclusivity and celebration of heritage and identity is truly remarkable. Together, we can pave the way for a more compassionate and embracing world. Let’s continue to embrace our stories, support one another, and honor the beauty of our diverse backgrounds. 🙏💞

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Deadly rockets are exploding in Israel - again.

This is how we got to this point:

On May 2, an arrested Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist, Khader Adnan refused all humanitarian medical treatment Israel provides, and starved himself to death.

Adnan publicly encouraged terrorism against Israelis. Saying stuff like:, “Who among you is the next suicide bomber? Who among you will carry the next explosive belt? Who among you will have his body parts blown all over?” Bad guy.

Shortly after his death, rocket aimed at innocent civilians started falling on Israel, a 104 in total.

Israel can not ignore or be silent when she’s threatened. But Israel took her time to figure out how to respond to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s attacks. A week later, on May 8, Israel launched Operation Shield and Arrow, specifically targeting the terrorist responsible for these attacks.

Israel eliminated the commanding officer of the Northern Gaza division, the Military Council Secretary, and the commander in charge of coordinating terror operation between Gaza and the West Bank. Israel also targeted the Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s weapons storages.

And then, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad responded by launching rockets indiscriminately at Israeli civilians. Which brings us to today, with more than 500 rockets fired at Israel from Sderot to Tel Aviv as we speak.

Israel targets terrorists, the terrorists target civilians. Israel doesn’t have a choice, like any other country, she has the responsibility to keep her citizens safe.

Heartbroken by innocent lives lost in each one of these attacks. If Palestinian Islamic Jihad would cherish life the way Israel does, we could break the circle. But until they do, Israel has to defend herself. To peace.

#StandWithIsrael #IsraelUnderAttack #IsraelUnderFire #PrayForIsrael #israeltiktok #israelitiktok #israel #telaviv #jerusalem #palestine #gaza #israeli #palestinian #israelpalestine #protectisrael #jewish #jewishtiktok #jewishpride #jewishtok #judaism
It’s Israel’s Independence Day! Israel is turning 75, and to celebrate that, here are 10 fun facts you might not have known about the tiny Jewish state in the Middle East.

Israel has the world’s highest concentration of tech companies outside of Silicon Valley and the world’s highest number of startup companies per capita. Some of the most innovative companies in the world are Israeli such as Mobeleye Wix and Waze.

Israel is the only country in the world that has more trees today than it did 50 years ago.
Israel is the only country in the world that has more water than it did 50 years ago, due to super advanced desalination technology. How does a country have more trees and more water?

Israel has the highest number of museums per capita in the world. It has more museums than McDonald’s.

Abortion is not just legal in Israel, it is actually paid for by the government under the universal national healthcare system.

Israel has the highest percentage of vegans per capita in the world, with an estimated 5% of the population following a vegan diet. And they don’t feel the need to constantly tell you about it.

Israel is the only country in the world that uses a language that has been dead for 2000 years! Hebrew! The one from the Bible.

According to the World Health Organization Israel has one of the highest life expectancies in the world, with an average life expectancy of 84.7 years.

Israel is the second country in the world to have a woman Prime Minister and Wonder Woman is Israeli too!

According to the 2022 World Happiness Report, Israel is the fourth happiest country in the world.

Despite being constantly under attack and surrounded by some countries who are not that into her, the people of Israel are amazing. They are patriotic, passionate and appreciative.

Happy birthday Israel! 🇮🇱

#israel #israeli #israelitiktok #israeltiktok #israelindependenceday #yomhaatzmaut #israelbirthday #israel75
Thank you @n12news @ulpanshishi for this thoughtful piece. I had a great time sharing with everyone my Passover in Israel and my thoughts about recent events. Thank you @danycushmaro I had a blast. Shabbat shalom

תודה לכל הצוות של אולפן שישי, היה לי הכבוד והעונג. שבת שלום ❤️✡️
Yesterday I joined @adamcarolla for a conversation on @theadamcarollashow where we discussed everything from how Israel was patient zero with social media’s “war on truth” to what’s happening on college campuses. #adamcarolla #adamcarollashow #israel #israeli #israelitiktok #israeltiktok #zionism
Recently I went on Real Time with @billmaher and responded to a recent poll that showed that Democrats sympathize more with #Palestinians that #Israelis . I pointed to the fact that Democratic leaders like my friend #RitchieTorres are strong supporters of Israel. I also emphasized that if you support democratic values such as democracy, freedom of speech, human rights, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, or any kind of rights, you must also support Israel.

#israel #palestine #democrats #republicans #democrat #republican #lgbtq #lgbt🌈 #humanrights #democracy #womensrights #freedomofspeech #israeltiktok #israeli #israelitiktok
Antisemitism is on the rise. @billmaher and I discussed the statistics. 82% of Jewish Americans noticed an increase in antisemitism. More than 50% of Jewish student feel the need to hide their identity. And the FBI found antisemitic attack are up 16% across the country.

#antisemitic #antisemitism #jewhatred #jewish #jews #jewishtiktok #stopantisemitism #endjewhatred #billmaher #realtime
Last Friday I spoke on Real Time with @billmaher about a program called Pay-for-Slay in which the Palestinian Authority rewards and incentives terrorists for killing innocent civilians in Israel. This is institutionalized terrorism that we can’t live with.

#israel #palestine #israeli #palestinian #payforslay #billmaher #realtime
Last week, I posted a video expressing the Jewish community’s disappointment in #Kanye being honored at the #SuperBowl #HalftimeShow . In response, I received more antisemitic attacks than I’ve ever experienced. Here are my thoughts.

Last weekend, like most of us, I watched the Super Bowl. Honestly, less for the game more for #Rihanna . But as I watched it I started feeling extremely uneasy. Rihanna is amazing, so before the show when I saw social media posts calling for her to bring Kanye on stage, I thought they would know better than to perform songs by a man who’s been so publicly antisemitic, saying he loves Hitler and calling for Death Con 3 against Jewish people and much more. But I was wrong. Her first song, Bitch Better Have my Money, was produced by Kanye. She also performed Run this Town which features Kanye. And then she began singing Kanye’s song “All of the Lights”. After the show that song was #1 on iTunes after 13 years. So this was basically like a Kanye homage. At the Super Bowl.

That’s when I recorded this video… This little post went viral with almost 20 million views on Twitter and across social media and was featured in Newsweek and other news outlets. Many of my followers were also upset by Rihanna’s song choice, but many Kanye sympathizers came after me with horrendous antisemitic attacks. Many of the comments are way too vulgar to repeat.

You see, this is not new for me. It’s a daily thing. Every Jewish person who’s watching this now knows exactly what I’m talking about. I call it being online, while Jewish. Because just posting about Jew-hatred, we get attacked with every antisemitic trope and slur in the book.

So let me make this clear once again. Anyone who promotes Jew-hatred should not be promoted at the Super Bowl.
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