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NK Orthodontist | Brisbane


Orthodontic tips for people who want straight teeth 🦷 Braces + Aligners 🔥



So what's the point of those elastics you wear with braces?

Is your orthodontist just trying to make it hard for you to eat a burger or is there something else going on?

The good news is your orthodontist is not trying to make your burger eating a misery. In fact, those tiny elastics (or rubber bands) are integral when it comes to correcting your bite. Think teeth straightening = braces/ aligners. Bite correction = elastics.

Not everyone will need elastics, but if you do, it's important to wear them as recommended.

A few tips for elastic wear:

✅ Keep a packet of elastics with you and if you lose one, replace it immediately

✅ Take the elastics out to eat (burgers and all other foods 😉 )

✅ Let your orthodontist know if you are running low on elastics so you can pick up some more

✅ Wash your hands before removing or replacing the elastics (because, germs 🦠 )

✅ Practice taking the elastics in and out either at the orthodontist or at home in from of a mirror. This will help you feel confident removing and replacing elastics when out.

✅ Only use the elastics in the pattern your orthodontist has advised. This pattern is specific to your teeth and bite!

Questions about elastics? Let us know in the comments!

Or give this a save for when you get your braces (or aligners) fitted!

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